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Originally developed by Hotta Studio, Tower of Fantasy, a 3D open-world anime MMORPG published in China by Perfect World and globally by Level Infinite. A post-apocalyptic story of rescue and destruction is told through de-labeled characterization, motion capture, world exploration, and scrappy sci-fi art style, with a variety of scenes, interactive puzzle elements, and fast combat style.

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It was originally scheduled to release on October 29, 2020 in China for Android, PC, and iOS, but later postponed to December 16, 2021. The global version was released on August 10, 2022. During Q4 2022, the game will be available on Steam and Epic Games.

Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese – Brazil, Spanish – Latin America, Thai, Indonesian

Japanese and English audio available.


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In Tower Of Fantasy, you can explore a large open world, take part in fast, smooth action combat, interact with your surroundings, participate in PvP, and more. Through the use of de-labeled characters, motion capture of film and television quality, high-fidelity world exploration, a chaotic sci-fi art style, and a diversity of scenarios, interactive puzzle components, and dynamic combat, it tells a post-apocalyptic story of salvation and destruction.

Despite its enjoyable combat, exploration, and mini-games, Tower of Fantasy suffers from an annoying time and level gate progression system and a nefarious gacha system. With its broad selection of characters, multiplayer options, guilds, and a deep yet simple combat system, this game justifies the hype it has received. With its extensive gameplay systems and appealing game loop, Tower of Fantasy reaches the heights of greatness. Here you can find everything from team play to exploration to PvP to dungeon running.


An immense reserve of a potent energy called Omnium was detected within the comet Mara in 2653. The Tower of Fantasy was built to capture the comet and harness its energy. In just 5 years after its completion, an explosion of Omnium energy irradiates Aida and destroys human civilization. In order to counter the radiation’s severe effects, ‘Suppressors‘ are developed. To enable humanity to adapt to Omnium and utilize it further, Hykros is formed.

As a result of the Omnium outbreak, Aida Star’s original social order was severely disrupted. Wanderers and sanctuaries were attacked by violent groups, including the Hyena Gang and Marauders. Humans, animals, and plants were gradually transformed into more aggressive and dangerous monsters as a result of the Omnium outbreak. These monsters also gradually mutated over time, forming a preliminary tactical awareness, able to engage in medium- and long-range operations, cluster operations, and ambushes. Wanderers’ operations were severely threatened by this.

Additionally, a group called the Heirs of Aida was formed to oppose Hykros. Seeing Omnium as a source of misery and evil, their main goal is to end Omnium research by fighting Hykros.

In Tower Of Fantasy, players take on the role of Wanderers. In this role, you will be playing an amnesiac Hagarde Enforcer. At the beginning of the game, players can choose between male and female characters.


Simulacrum List (Characters)

Icon Simulacrum Bai Ling
Bai Ling
Icon Simulacrum Bai Yuekui
Bai Yuekui
Icon Simulacrum Fenrir
Icon Simulacrum Lin
Icon Simulacrum Pepper
Icon Simulacrum Sirius
Icon Simulacrum Echo
Icon Simulacrum Claudia
Icon Simulacrum Frigg
Icon Simulacrum Lyra
Icon Simulacrum Ruby
Icon Simulacrum Tsubasa
Icon Simulacrum Ene
Icon Simulacrum Cobalt B
Cobalt B
Icon Simulacrum Hilda
Icon Simulacrum Marc
Icon Simulacrum Saki Fuwa
Saki Fuwa
Icon Simulacrum Umi
Icon Simulacrum Alyss
Icon Simulacrum Cocoritter
Icon Simulacrum Huma
Icon Simulacrum Meryl
Icon Simulacrum Samir
Icon Simulacrum Zero
Icon Simulacrum Annabella
Icon Simulacrum Crow
Icon Simulacrum KING
Icon Simulacrum Nemesis
Icon Simulacrum Shiro


Official Tower Of Fantasy Website (China)

Official Tower Of Fantasy Website (Global Version)

Developers: Hotta Studios

Publishers: Perfect World (Wikipedia)Level Infinite Official SiteTencent Games Official Site


In Tower of Fantasy, weapons are a type of gear that helps players deal damage. Each individual weapon has a different weapon grade, such as: Icon Grade R , Icon Grade SR , Icon Grade SSR .

Four types of skills are available for each weapon: Normal, Dodge, Skill, and Discharge.

Three roles ( Class DPS Icon / Class Support Icon / Class Defense Icon ) and five elemental types ( Element Physical / Element Flame / Element Frost / Element Volt / Element Altered ) are assigned to each weapon.


Tower Of Fantasy categorizes weapons into three grades:

  • Icon Grade SSR – There are advancements and unique traits to these weapons.
  • Icon Grade SR – There are no unique traits to these weapons, only advancements.
  • Icon Grade R – Weapons like these don’t have any advancements, they don’t possess any unique traits too.

There are six upgrades available for SR and SSR weapons, and each star has a different passive effect.

There is a character associated with both SR and SSR weapons. The acquisition of such weapons unlocks the Simulacra of a character and gives them access to Simulacra awakening (via Gifts), while another style for said Simulacrum is unlocked at the weapon’s third advancement.

Pioneers who receive duplicate SR or SSR weapons after unlocking will be given an item that can be used for advancement instead. Whenever a weapon is advanced, its base stats are increased (and its Combat Score rises), as well as additional attributes such as new abilities and weapon stat percentage increases. In general, SSR weapons follow a similar pattern when it comes to Advancements – the first unlocks their playstyle, which contributes to their role in team compositions, and the second and fourth always give the weapon an attack/health increase of 16 percent/32 percent, respectively, across all current CN and Global SSR weapons.

There are several advantages to advancements three, five and six, as they tend to boost certain aspects of their kit and/or enhance the playstyle offered by Advancement one. However, Advancements one and three are often recommended stopping milestones for many weapons. Despite the fact that weapons are all unique, make sure you look into Advancement Value before pulling one.

In order to obtain Simulacra traits, you must first acquire a weapon (and therefore the Simulacrum) and then contribute Gifts to the Simulacrum’s Awakening. Initially, the traits are unlocked by contributing enough gifts to earn 1200 friendship, then upgraded once you earn 4000 friendship, often granting an additional benefit.


In the Resonance system, weapons are classified by one of three resonances, each indicating their role. As a general rule, DPS Class DPS Icon are quick swap or on-field damage dealers; Support Class Support Icon are healers who can buff; and Defense Class Defense Icon are weapons with tanking ability (Damage reduction, high base health and elemental resistance, for example) and the ability to shatter.


A buff can be obtained by equipping two weapons of the same role.

Icon No Resonance

A minimum of one weapon of any type must be equipped. Final damage and damage reduction will be increased by 5%, while shatter and healing effects will be increased by 20%. The damage reduction and final damage in team play should be increased by 20%.

Icon Brute Force
Class DPS Icon Class DPS Icon

To activate, you must equip at least two DPS-type weapons. In team play, final damage is increased by 40%.

Icon Perseverance
Class Defense Icon Class Defense Icon

To activate, you must equip at least two defense-type weapons. Damage reduction will be increased by 25%, shatter by 60%, and aggro by 800%. The damage reduction in team play can be further enhanced by 20%.

Icon Blessing
Class Support Icon Class Support Icon

To activate, you must equip at least two support-type weapons. Boost healing by 100%, which is further amplified by 100% in team play.

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