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Tower of Fantasy: Best Anime Skins Presets | Cosmetics Presets You Should Try

Tower of Fantasy lets you live out your anime fantasy and create the best anime character you can possibly imagine. But of course, if you need help, you can just use some community presets out there.




Tower of Fantasy has a pretty decent character customization option that lets you shape your character to resemble your favorite anime personality. Of course, doing it all by yourself can be rather tedious as you’ll need to do tons of experimentation just to get the customizations right.

That is why if you don’t want to spend too much time on the character creation screen but still want to play as the anime character you like, the presets are here to the rescue. In fact, the popularity of Tower of Fantasy prompted the community to come up with their own presets.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best anime skins presets you should try in the game.

Best Anime Skins Presets | Cosmetics Presets You Should Try in Tower of Fantasy

Now, there are lots of anime presets that deserve to be on this list. However, we’ll only be covering some of them as it would take a lot of time to finish. Luckily, the game developers are kind enough to include an Import option in the character creation screen.

What this means is that you enter a presets ID in order to copy its customization and apply it to your own character. All you need to do is click on the Import button at the lower left corner of the character creation screen.

It should then say “Data successfully imported”, after which you’ll then see the preset applied to your character.

That said, here are some of the best anime skins in the game and their ID:

Hatsune Miku – 160463

Hyuuga Hinata – 224439

Kaneki Ken – 199485

Uzumaki Naruto – 1968448

Now, take note that some of them has an outfit on. If you don’t have that outfit, it won’t show up in your character. However, you can still unlock them later on as you play the game.

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