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Lost Ark: Things to Do to Prepare for Breaker

Get ready to rain fists on your foes!




Lost Ark is getting a new Martial Artist class soon, Breaker, and there are some things you can still do to prepare for its expected release on March 20th, 2024.

You only have about two weeks to prep, so there’s not too much to do. Nonetheless, there are some key materials to gather and things to do until the release!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to prepare yourself for the upcoming Breaker class launch.

Things to Do to Prepare for Breaker | Class Prep Guide

Make a Male Martial Artist

Lost Ark: Things to Do to Prepare for Breaker - New Character

The first thing to do is a simple one: just make a male Martial Artist. Play that character until you reach Trixion during the prologue.

At this point, you’ll get to choose your advanced class. But, since you’re waiting on Breaker to release, just stop playing with this character.

It might sound odd, but there are two good reasons to do this!

The first is that you’ll get the character creation and customization out of the way early. Then once Breaker is released, you just hop in to play!

The second more important reason is that this character will start to accumulate a Rest Bonus. You’ll get extra loot thanks to your accumulated Rest Bonus once you play as Breaker!

Get Items From the Event Shop

Lost Ark: Things to Do to Prepare for Breaker - Event Shop

The next thing you should do is try to buy out all the items you can from the Event Shops. In particular, focus on the Golden Frog Event Shop while it lasts.

Hoard as many of the random chests as possible from the shop and then put them in your Personal Storage.

Once Breaker releases, switch to him and open up all the chests you hoarded. This will give you a lot of materials to help you advance the class quickly!

Don’t Claim Rewards Until Breaker Releases

Lost Ark: Things to Do to Prepare for Breaker - Event Rewards

Another important thing to do is to try to put off claiming rewards until closer to Breaker’s expected release date: March 20th, 2024.

This is most important for things like the rewards from the Birthday Bash Event Quests, as you can only keep the items for 7 days.

On that note, make sure you complete these Event Quests with your other characters while they’re still available.

Anyway, if you were to claim the rewards now, you would have to consume them with your other characters instead.

If you instead wait until around March 19th at least, you will be able to use them on your new Breaker.

This also doubles for any Maintenance Rewards you have yet to claim and the like. Just let them sit until Breaker is almost released!

Get Gathering!

Lost Ark: Things to Do to Prepare for Breaker - Gather Materials

While waiting for Breaker, it’s a good idea to start doing as many Life Skills as possible. Those are things like Hunting, Fishing, and Excavating.

The main reason to use them is to gather resources to craft Oreha Fusion Materials at your Stronghold.

You can either save the Oreha Fusion Materials to Hone your Breaker’s gear later on, or you can sell them on the Market to get Gold.

Selling them is a solid idea if you don’t have enough Gold to buy things in the Golden Frog Event Shop!

Great Honor Leapstone example

Speaking of materials, it’s also a good idea to start hoarding any Honor Leapstones you can. You’ll get them mostly by completing Guardian Raids with your existing characters.

With all that said, we hope we’ve helped you start getting a headstart for when the new Breaker class drops! Though we’re sure there will also be some good new events by then to help us get an extra boost.

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