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Lost Ark: How to Unlock Awakening Skill

Learn your class’ ultimate skills and awaken your full potential.




Awakening skills are the ultimate skills for each class in Lost Ark. They are incredibly powerful and are usually the last skill you will ever learn for your class.

If you’re eager to awaken your character’s true power, this guide will teach you how to unlock y our Awakening skills.

How to Unlock Awakening Skills in Lost Ark

Source: Blackout Gaming

Every class has two Awakening skills, both of which can only be unlocked after reaching Level 50. To start, you will need to complete the main storyline in North Vern.

As soon as you meet the prerequisites, travel to Trixion and speak with Beatrice. After that, you will get a new purple-colored quest with the “[Awakening]” label.

Source: Blackout Gaming

Complete this quest to unlock your class’ first Awakening skill. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to claim and use an item from your mailbox.

However, you’ll also need Chaos Shards to actually use your Awakening Skills. General Merchants sell them for 250 Silver each.

How to Unlock the Second Awakening Skill

Source: Drybear Games

After you have obtained your first Awakening Skill, you will need to complete the story questline in Rohendel.

Once you’re done, speak to Mail Carrier Sentos to receive the [Journey] Strange Mail quest.

Note that some servers have different translations. In those servers, this NPC is called Auril and the quest is called [Awakening] Mysterious Letter.

This will start a massive questline where you have to travel all over the world following the trail of a character. It’s an infamously long questline that will take quite a while to complete.

Luckily, you only need to do this quest once per server. If you do it on one character, your alt characters in the same server won’t need to do it too.

Instead, they can just get their Second Awakening from speaking with Beatrice at Trixion.

Lastly, some players have reported that his quest can be completely skipped on all characters by using a Power Pass.

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