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Lost Ark: How to Play All Your Alts | Alt Management Guide

Alts can help you grind resources for your main character, but it can be a bit overwhelming to manage them.




One of the greatest things in Lost Ark is the fact that in-game content is shared for all characters you have. With this feature, farming for resources and items is easier and more convenient. The only thing left to do is how to manage your alternative characters well.

How to Play All Your Alts in Lost Ark

Alts in Lost Ark have a lot of different benefits. Utilizing your Alts properly can help further progress your main character or your overall account. If you want to maximize the use of your alts, read the guide below.

Chaos Dungeons

The most important thing to do with Alts is Chaos Dungeons. Your character can tier up by just doing chaos dungeons. If you stay consistent, your character will eventually have enough resources. They also only take a couple of minutes which means you can do this daily if you have the time.

Una’s Tasks

Your Una’s Tasks or Dailies take almost no time at all but are super helpful in either getting resources for your entire account or just resources for one specific character. It is recommended to use your main character or a character you’re leveling up for Leapstone Dailies. Other characters can do Lopang Dailies.

Guardian Raids

Guardian Raids take too much time and have a high chance of failure so it is recommended that you only use your main character or tier 3 characters for this run. You can do two sets of Guardian Raids a day, with rotations of your main character and an extra character, or your main and two extra characters, depending on how much time you have.

Guild Donations & Support Research

Make sure you’re doing your everyday donations to your guild. It is recommended to donate gold with your main character, while you can donate silver with your other characters. Keep in mind that you should also always support research. This can be a huge source of bloodstones for your account.

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