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Lost Ark: Pet Ranch Guide & Rewards

Make your pets legendary and reap the rewards by following this guide!

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lost ark pet ranch guide rewards

Many of you enjoy role-playing games that involve collectible hunting and crafting. Not only that, but some of us are finding it fun to keep pets as companions. If you’re looking for this type of gameplay, you should check out Lost Ark, a PC MMORPG game created by Tripod Studio and Smilegate that is presently accessible on Steam. If you’re looking for a mobile version, sadly, it’s not yet available, but Smilegate is working on Lost Ark Mobile, so we just have to wait. But, for now, let’s look at the Pet Ranch gameplay and what it has to offer.

Pet Ranches and How Does it Work? – Lost Ark

lost ark pet ranch guide rewards2

The Pet Ranch is yet another Stronghold activity that revolves around your own pets. Putting your pets to work on the ranch will earn you tokens, which you can use to purchase various items from the Stronghold vendor. Rewards include any Card Pack, cosmetics, pet skinning functions, legendary pets, and much more!

To access this feature, you must have a Stronghold of Level 15, unlock the Stronghold farm, and the Cave, and have a Pet. The Stronghold quest can then be completed. “Yay, Pet Ranch!” exclaimed Butler Adeline.

Pet Ranch Overview

lost ark pet ranch guide rewards3

When working on the ranch, you will be able to obtain cookies/biscuits in exchange for a variety of items. Recover your pets via the Ranch Tab and send them to work to earn XP/Cookies via the Cookie Workshop, simple enough, right?

Here’s some more information you might need if you’re doing the Pet Ranch.

  • Totocookie is a vendor who will exchange the Jam Cookies you obtained from the Pet Ranch for other items.
  • Chromarong will assist you in placing your Pets in the Ranch or the Cookie Workshop.
  • Minky, the Pet Protector, will exchange Rapport Gifts for Vitameow.
  • Achatemeow manages Pet functions such as retraining, upgrading, and changing Pet Skills.

How to Get Them Cookies?

lost ark pet ranch guide rewards4

Cookies can be obtained by using the pet ranch function to dispatch your pets. To give you an idea, with 4 pets dispatched, you will make approximately 576 cookies in 8 hours. This will deplete your pet’s morale, so you’ll need to use Vitameow to replenish their energy.

If you’re wondering where you can get these Pet Food, you can get them from the cash shop or the affinity exchange in your stronghold.

And the higher the pet tier, the more cookies you’ll earn from them.

Level Up Your Pets

lost ark pet ranch guide rewards5

The more you invest in your pets, the more you will be rewarded for your efforts; the best way to level up your pets to legendary status is to overfeed them by using Vitameow via the affinity exchange.

Just a couple of notes on this one:

  • Overfeeding a single pet allows you to basically run them for several days for maximum XP and Cookie gain.
  • These Cookies should be used for the RNG token box for the Legendary Upgrade.
  • While recovering on the ranch, your pets may become “happy”, allowing them to work for extra XP and Cookies for a set period of time.

Make Your Pet A Legend

lost ark pet ranch guide rewards6

We’ve always wanted to be legendary as gamers; it’s in our blood.  So we’ll talk about how to make our pets legendary in this topic. To begin, you’ll need Pet Expertise Potion from the pet exchange to promote a pet. The same as shard bags. When it is full, you can promote it with Pet Growth Tokens. Tokens can be obtained from the exchange’s happy pet box.

Just so we’re clear by the way, 100,000 experience points is needed for promotion though Expertise Potions. 30 Pet tokens through the Pet Box exchange.

Furthermore, these legendary pets provide additional stats via a new skill that you can learn. You can choose from five different skills for your new legendary pet. Choose the appropriate one for your build! At the Pet Management NPC, it will cost around 20 Crystals.

lost ark pet ranch guide rewards7

All skills will have three lines, the last two of which will be the same. When in combat, one of the three skills will be used. Only one of the lines can function (around 90 sec cooldown).

Some of the effective skill lines that you will need to know:

  • 40% chance of casting a 5s shield for 10% Max HP
  • 40% chance of recovering 3% of Max HP
  • Cheers of the Heart: 20% chance of recovering 8% of Max HP
  • Cheers of Serenity: 20% chance of resetting Cooldown of Movement and Stand Up Skills, and reducing the Cooldown by 40% for 8s
  • Cheers of Heaven: 20% chance of Attack Speed +3% for 8s
  • Cheers of Courage: 20% chance of Move Speed +5% for 8s
  • Cheers of Resonance: 20% chance of Specialty Meter gain +10% for 8s.

So, in general, Cheers of Heart appears to be the best for the HP (hit points). Cheers of Resonance may be appropriate for some classes, such as Bard.

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