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V Rising
Developer Stunlock Studios Logo Stunlock Studios
Publisher Stunlock Studios Logo Stunlock Studios
Engine Unity
Platforms Steam & GeForce Now
Release Date May 17th, 2022
Modes Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Online Co-Op & Local Co-Op
Steam Rating Overwhelmingly Positive
Genre Mythology, Survival, Action, Survival, Open World, Sandbox, Adventure

Developed and published by Stunlock Studios Logo Stunlock Studios, V Rising is an open-world hack’n’slash survival game. May 17, 2022 marked the release of the game on Steam for Microsoft Windows.

Between October 28th and November 1st, 2022, V Rising was made free-to-play for its first Halloween Event.


V Rising Logo

You have awoken as a vampire. To survive, you need to regain your strength by hunting blood in nearby settlements. Rise to the top of an ever-changing open world full of mystery and raise your castle. Take control of the living land by gaining allies online.




Vampires have unique abilities. Vampires can equip up to eight vampire powers and up to seven abilities at once.
A total of 15 (16 if you count unarmed) weapon abilities are available, as well as 24 basic abilities, 5 travel abilities, 10 ultimate abilities, and 10 vampire powers.

Weapon Abilities

Depending on the type of weapon equipped, your vampire can learn up to three abilities, or techniques. Without a weapon, you can only use the Primary Attack ability.

Basic Abilities

A Basic Ability is a spell with a short cooldown and a variety of effects. The game starts with shadowbolt Shadowbolt and bloodrite Blood Rite, but you can change them anytime once you unlock new abilities. Defeating V Blood Carriers unlocks new basic abilities.

Travel Abilities

The veil of blood Veil Of Blood travel ability is unlocked by default for every Vampire. Defeating V Blood Carriers unlocks new travel abilities. Each travel ability provides mobility in the form of a dash, but each has its own unique effect.

Ultimate Abilities

Ultimate abilities have long cooldowns and are really powerful. Unlocking ultimate abilities requires slaying powerful V Blood Carriers, which are not unlocked by default.

Vampire Powers

Ability WolfForm
Wolf Form
Ability ExposeVein
Expose Vein
Ability BearForm
Bear Form
Ability BloodMend
Blood Mend
Ability RatForm
Rat Form
Ability BloodHunger
Blood Hunger
Ability HumanForm
Human Form
Ability DominatingPresence
Dominating Presence
Ability ToadForm
Toad Form
Ability BatForm
Bat Form


In V Rising, there is different kinds of equipment, such as: Weapons, jewelry, cloaks, hats, and armors. Each have different attributes that they add to the stats of the Vampire. [To be expanded]


Weapons play an important role in V Rising since there are abilities that come with each weapon. Like mentioned before, if there’s no weapon equipped, a Vampire can only use the Primary Attack ability.

Types Of Weapons

There are quite a few type of weapons in V Rising, which gives the game a lot of flexibility in terms of gameplay.

On top of different types of weapons, there are also different Tier Weapons (higher or lower quality weapons). [To be expanded]

Weapon SanguineAxes
Weapon SanguineSword
Weapon SanguineMace
Weapon SanguineSpear
Weapon SanguineSlashers
Weapon SanguineReaper
Weapon SanguineCrossbow

Weapon Tiers

In V Rising, there are a few tiers (quality) of weapons. Here are all weapon tiers in V Rising:

  • Bone Tier Weapon BoneAxes
  • Reinforced Bone Tier Weapon ReinforcedBoneAxes
  • Copper Tier Weapon CopperAxes
  • Merciless Copper Tier Weapon MercilessCopperAxes 1
  • Iron Tier Weapon IronAxes
  • Merciless Iron Tier Weapon MercilessIronAxes
  • Dark Silver Tier Weapon DarkSilverAxes
  • Sanguine Tier Weapon SanguineAxes 1
  • General’s Soul Reaper Weapon TheGeneral 27sSoulReaper

NOTE: In the Dunley Farmlands, an Undead Commander drops the Orb of Knowledge that can be used to craft the General’s Soul Reaper. It’s kind of the “ultimate weapon” in the game.


[So empty… To be expanded.]

Crafting & Recipes

[So empty… To be expanded.]

Castle Building

[So empty… To be expanded.]

V Blood Carriers

[So empty… To be expanded.]



V Rising: BEST PvP Base Locations

PVP in V Rising can be merciless, which is why it’s important to pick the right location for your base early on. Ideally, you want to pick a strategic location that can withstand raids easily.

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