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V Rising: How to Defeat The Bandit King

V Rising will have you going up against powerful foes who will grant amazing rewards when defeated. One of these foes is Quincey the Bandit King.




Even though you’re a vampire in V Rising, you are still relatively weak compared to some enemies in the game. One of these enemies are the so-called V Blood Carriers who are basically this game’s bosses. When slain, you’ll be able to absorb their V Blood which, in turn, grants you new abilities.

One of these bosses in Quincey the Bandit King. While he might sound like your average run-of-the-mill boss, he is anything but. In fact, if you fight him unprepared, you’re definitely going to get your ass kicked. Besides, Quincey has chaos-imbued attacks that will hit like a truck, not to mention he even has magical attacks in the form of chaos magic projectiles.

If you’re struggling to beat him or are yet to fight against him, then this guide below will help you.

How to Defeat the Bandit King in V Rising

Even though Quincey’s attacks deal a lot of damage and are hard to dodge, he doesn’t have any other notable attacks. As soon as you familiarize his pattern, it should be easy to deal with him. 

Before you head to fight him, you have to make sure you’re using Merciless Nightstalker armor as well as Merciless Copper weapons. Also, make sure you have lots of Blood Rose Brew prepared to heal yourself during the fight.

Do take note that Quincey has an aggressive AI as well as a massive health pool. Moreover, he will deal damage over time with his shield-based moves, so make sure to avoid them as soon as possible. Most of his moves include charging from afar using his shield and then performing a shield bash when he’s up close.

Once he reaches low health, he will charge 3 times. However, you can use this to your advantage by directing him into a wall. If he collides into a wall, he’ll be stunned for several seconds, giving you enough time to deal some extra damage.

He’ll also attack in streaks of 3 consecutive hits during low health, so make sure to avoid those as well. As long as you’re patient enough, you should be able to take him down after some time.

Where to Find the Bandit King

To fight Quincey, you need to head over to the Bandit Stronghold located north of Farbane Woods. Here, you have to use explosives to destroy the entrance gate to access the location for the boss fight.

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