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V Rising: How To Minimize Repair Cost On Equipment

V Rising is a survival crafting game that puts players in the shoes of a vampire who is looking to rebuild a lost empire.




In this game, you awaken as a weakened Vampire after centuries of slumber and hunt for blood in nearby settlements to regain your strength while hiding from the scorching sun to survive.

You explore a vast open world together with friends or hunt solo as you pillage villages, raid bandit camps and traverse the territories of supernatural beasts.

How To Minimize Repair Cost On Equipment: V Rising

A handful of the important equipment in V Rising will help you as a player survive the dangerous world, and they will ensure that you can venture to higher-level areas and take on intimidating bosses.

In addition, keeping your equipment in good condition will ensure they don’t break in the middle of a fight.

It will also save you the time and effort of crafting them from scratch. However, as you start getting to level 70 plus, the repair cost can be ridiculous. So in this guide, we will be showing you a way to minimize the repair cost of your equipment.

Keep Your Equipment Even When They Are Broken

Technically, if your weapon is still equipped, even if it is broken, you can still get into a fight, and it won’t matter. This is because your spell damage will still register as if you have the weapon equipped, granted your physical attacks are unavailable, and you have no weapon skills.

You might be able to use this tip temporarily to save yourself some repair cost while farming or for your weapon while gathering blood and killing mob until you are economically balanced to pay the repair cost.

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