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Best PvP Builds in V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot

Let’s go over which PvP builds are strongest and which abilities to use!




V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot has shifted the PvP meta with its new content and changes, which is no surprise. You will want to keep up to date with the best PvP builds if you wish to succeed!

Knowledge is power! Knowing which are the best PvP builds currently is important even if you don’t plan to use them yourself, since it’s good to know what you’re up against.

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best PvP builds and spells in the current version of V Rising.

Best PvP Builds for V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot

Source: Redlaf

The first build we will go over is the combination of Chaos Volley, Illusion Dash, and Phantom Aegis. You will want to combine these abilities with Scholar Blood.

You will use Illusion Dash and Phantom Aegis to protect yourself while building up stacks of the Phantasm buff.

Phantasm gives you a chance to completely negate the cooldown of your spells, so you can use Chaos Volley more often!

This build relies on luck since you’re not guaranteed to get cooldown resets, but it’s devastating when you do get lucky. It’s also simple to use since you mostly just stack Phantasm and then spam Chaos Volleys.

The second build we will cover is a lot more open-ended: Frost.

The only two abilities you really need for this build are Frost Dash and Frost Barrier, both of which will protect you while having a chance to freeze enemies.

Frost Barrier is particularly amazing, since it has a very high chance to chill and freeze enemies when struck.

You can deal lots of damage with your regular weapons once you manage to freeze an enemy! The only downside is that the chance to freeze lowers exponentially on repeat freezes, making it harder to use later in a match.

The best Ultimates for frost builds are Merciless Charge and Raging Tempest since they let you make the most of your enemies being frozen.

Besides these specific builds, there are also some very powerful singular spells that you should make note of for PvP.

Other Good PvP Abilities

The first spell to look out for is Lightning Curtain. This is one of the strongest spells currently in the game, without a doubt! The only downside is that you get it fairly late.

Lightning Curtain has a solid duration of about 4 seconds and it will completely block out every enemy projectile. However, it doesn’t block your own projectiles, allowing you to take potshots from behind it.

You can also run through it unharmed but your enemies can’t, so you can dash through it to attack and then dash back to protect yourself.

It’s a highly versatile spell that just has no real cons, at least in its current state!

You might also want to get Void and Frost Nova, especially when going against groups. Both of them can negate barriers and hinder your opponents’ mobility, forcing them to use their dashes to escape.

Lastly, Sanguine Coil is another fantastic ability, provided you get a gem that allows it to bounce between targets. This is most effective in groups, of course.

Sanguine Coil will deal damage to enemies and leech some of their health to you. Additionally, it will heal any allies it hits.

We hope these tips and builds help you improve your PvP performance in V Rising! Of course, you will need to practice making the most of these abilities now as well, so the best way to get better is to keep playing.

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