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V Rising Gloomrot: How to Auto Farm

Learn how to farm resources without having to manually do it yourself!




If you’ve played V Rising, you already know how important resource gathering is. Obviously, you need to go out there in the open world to collect them.

Since some resources can only be collected from certain regions, this means you really can’t be in a single spot to gather everything that you need.

Well, there’s actually a nice trick for that in the form of auto-farming. In this guide, we’ll show you how exactly you can set up your auto farm.

How to Auto Farm in V Rising Gloomrot

Source: FireSpark81

Basically, what you really need to set up an auto farm is the Tomb, the Vermin Nest, and a servant.

The idea behind this is that you summon creatures from the Vermin Nest and Tomb then have your servant take care of them as you do what you want to do within your castle.

Afterward, you simply have to visit the room where the Vermin Nest and Tomb are and then loot the materials that were dropped from the summoned creatures.

Of course, this also means that you need to gather the necessary resources to summon the creatures first. This will depend on which creatures you want to summon and what materials you need.

Source: FireSpark81

For example, if you want to gather a ton of Bones with a handful of Grave Dust, you’ll need to summon Ghouls using a bunch of Morning Lily.

Or if you want to gather tons of Silk Worm, you’ll need to summon Spiderlings using Fish Bone and Mutant Grease.

Once you have the materials you need, simply place them in the Vermin Nest or Tomb’s inventory then summon the creatures that you want. After that, leave the room and do what you want to do.

Source: 오두방 [Odubang]

Let your servant take care of the summoned creatures and go back there when you want to collect the loot.

You don’t even need to equip your servant with powerful gear as they’ll be able to take care of the summoned creatures just fine.

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