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How to Teleport Prisoner to Castle – V Rising Gloomrot

Transporting your prisoner to your castle has never been this easy!




Normally, if you want to transfer a prison to your castle, you’ll have to manually travel across the map. With the new Gloomrot update, however, you can just teleport them right away.

This might sound crazy, but it’s actually possible, and you can do this with the help of a single item.

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can teleport a prisoner to your castle quickly and easily.

How to Transfer a Prisoner to Your Castle in V Rising Gloomrot

Source: Venatix

Long story short, all you need is an item called the Dusk Caller.

As you can see above, it’s a consumable item that lets you summon a swarm of bats which you can then use to transport a subdued human to your castle.

This means that you no longer have to manually take your captured human from its location all the way to your base. It’s a major quality of life improvement as the manual process is quite tedious and time-consuming.

Besides, you also no longer have to worry about your prisoner dying along the way.

Now, in order to craft a Dusk Caller, you’ll need 3x Scourgestone and 45x Hell’s Clarion which should be pretty easy to get.

Source: Venatix

But before that, you should first unlock the recipe by killing Leandra the Shadow Priestess. You should also unlock the Alchemy Table by killing Clive the Firestarter.

Once you have fulfilled these two conditions, you should now be able to craft a Dusk Caller at your Alchemy Table as long as you have the required materials.

Source: Venatix

To use a Dusk Caller, all you have to do is subdue a target human as you normally would. After that, you simply have to use the item. Doing so will automatically teleport your target to a prison in your castle.

Just make sure that it’s an unoccupied prison cell for the process to be successful.

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