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V Rising Gloomrot: How to Get Vampire Horse

Charge into combat while riding on a badass-looking horse.




If you think you can’t ride into combat in style, then you’re wrong. With the newly introduced vampire horse, you can ride around Vardoran in a menacing and intimidating manner.

The new vampire horse is one of the many additions to the latest Secrets of Gloomrot update. And as you might expect, the new vampire horse is pretty much immortal.

Here’s how you can get one in the game.

How to Get a Vampire Horse in V Rising Gloomrot

Source: Venatix

For starters, a vampire horse doesn’t need water to survive. This means that you don’t have to make sure it’s well-fed at all times.

Second, you can revive it, so gone are the days when you have to look for a new horse when your current one dies. And third, it has the ability to jump through objects is very helpful.

To get your own vampire horse, you need to reach Castle Heart Level 4 via a quest called “A Castle Reaching the Sky”. Once you do, you’ll gain a new form called Dominate Mount.

Source: Venatix

Basically, this gives you an ability called Subdue Mount which lets you turn a target horse into an immortal companion.  

With the spell on your hotbar, look for a target horse and use the spell on that horse. It will start channeling the spell to attempt to dominate the horse.

After a few seconds, it will then transform into a vampire horse which even comes with its own saddle.

Source: Venatix

You also gain the recipe for the vampire horse saddle which you can craft at your base. This will grant your horse +1 to all stats which can really help improve its overall effectiveness.

What makes the vampire horse way better than a normal one is that you have the ability to summon it at your location. This means you no longer have to keep track of where you left it on the map.

All you have to do is press the hotkey and it should teleport to your location in an instant.

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