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There is a constant expansion and growth at GamesFuze. There is always a need for new team members who are passionate about what they do. The main priorities of our company are development and content, so we are mainly looking for writers and developers.

In any case, if you believe you can contribute in a way not covered here, please do get in touch!


GamesFuze is seeking gaming enthusiasts who love to play and write about games. Here’s a small sampling of games we cover:

  • MMORPGs;
  • Indie Games;
  • Story Games;
  • RPGs;
  • Horror Games;
  • & much more.

These are just a few of the genres that we cover. If you play any games you think we should cover, you are welcome to apply and suggest them to us.

In order to keep up with the market, big triple-A games and new releases are always covered by GamesFuze. Join the GamesFuze team or contribute by guest posting today by contacting us with the form below!

Full-Stack Developers

We welcome and encourage applications from full-stack developers who can help improve and develop the site and server constantly.

  • PHP, ASP, Python, or Node
  • SQL, SQLite, or MongoDB
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or Vue

It is not necessary for you to be proficient in all of the categories mentioned. Ultimately, what matters is that you can use your skills to further improve GamesFuze, while having a blast at it!

Contact us if you are interested in applying for this position.


We value individuals with huge attention to detail, and a large amount of experience in content creation, especially in GAMING. Because of that, we would love to talk with talented individuals that have previous Editorial/Copywriting experience, that would love a spot in our team!

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