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V Rising Gloomrot: How to Craft Legendary Weapons

Turn your shattered legendaries into useable weapons!




You can get Legendary Weapons by taking down the many powerful endgame bosses in V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot. However, they are shattered and you will need to craft to repair them.

Repairing these weapons is a long time-consuming process since you will need to grind a large amount of materials. However, it’s worth it since these weapons are the quite powerful.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to craft your Legendaries into weapons you can actually use.

How to Craft Legendary Weapons in V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot

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You can only craft Legendary weapons once you have created an Ancestral Forge, which is a new endgame crafting station added in Secrets of Gloomrot.

The Ancestral Forge can be crafted once you defeat the Level 57 V Blood boss, Raziel the Shepherd.

You can’t make them from scratch either, you must first acquire them from bosses that are level 75 or higher.

Bosses will drop Legendary weapons in a shattered state, however, which is why you will need to use the Ancestral Forge to repair them! It’s a bit of a pain, but these weapons are definitely worth the trouble.

Every Legendary will require three different items to craft into their useable state:

  • One weapon of the same type as the Legendary you wish to craft.
  • Onyx Tears x3, which can be crafted at an Anvil.
  • Primal Blood Essence x1, which can be obtained by refining Exquisite Hearts and Greater Blood Essences at a Blood Press.

The Onyx Tears will be the biggest hurdle to overcome since they require a large variety of materials for each one. We won’t sugarcoat it: get ready for a grind!

How to Make Onyx Tears

These are the materials you will need to make a singular Onyx Tear:

Dark Silver Ingot x3 – made by refining Silver Ores with Scourgestones at the Furnace.

You can get Silver Ores at the Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills and you will find Scourgestones at the Church of the Damned.

Gold Ingot x3 – made by breaking down Gold Jewelry with Sulphur in a Furnace.

Gold Jewelry is frequently found in Brighthaven, in the Silverlight Hills region. Meanwhile, Sulphur is frequently found everywhere in the game.

Power Core x3 – made at a Fabricator by using Radium Alloys and Charged Batteries. Both of these items need to be crafted, as well.

Blood Merlot x1 – obtained by draining blood from prisoners using 60 Sacred Grapes and 1 Empty Glass Bottle. You can get Sacred Grapes at the Brighthaven Vineyards in Silverlight Hills.

Remember that you will need to get three different Onyx Tears, however, so be prepared to grind quite a bit!

Additionally, you will need to defeat Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer to get the recipe for Onyx Tears. He’s a new Level 79 V Blood boss fight.

Once you have made the Onyx Tears and got the Primal Blood Essence, it’s time to actually craft the Legendary weapon at last!

Crafting the Legendary Weapon

With all your hard-earned materials in tow, go back to your Ancestral Forge.

Click on the Legendary weapon you wish to repair and drag it to the broken sword icon on the Ancestral Forge window.

This will now tell you everything you need to craft and repair the weapon. Of course, you should have everything already if you’ve been following the guide!

Click on the box in the middle of the window once you’re certain you wish to craft the weapon. The crafting process will begin and take about 7 seconds.

With that done, you can now equip your fancy new Legendary weapon! It’s a lot of work, but we hope you find it worthwhile. These weapons are currently far superior to anything else, so they really pay off.

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