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Dolmen: How to Play Co-Op

Dolmen casts the player onto a hostile alien world known as Revion Prime. The mission is to return samples of a crystal with unique properties. You don’t have to do this alone.




If you are quite timid alone but want to face the Dolmen’s Lovecraftian horrors with a friend, then you should know that the game released a feature, The Co-op system.

How to Play Co-Op – Dolmen

Dolmen Co-Op isn’t available everywhere but Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. This is a four-character player game and is only available for boss battles. You’ll encounter several tough-as-nails boss fights as you go through Dolmen’s sci-fi environment, but none will compare to your first.

Get Dolmens

To play this, you need to get three dolmens {crystals}, and the best, easiest, and fastest way players can obtain them is by killing enemies.

Get Boss Beacons

You also need to obtain boss beacons, and they are located outside the boss area. Once you are on your ship, head to the top floor and speak to Seba. From there, you have the option to respawn bosses or play multiplayer.

You can either join an existing session or create a new one for up to three friends to join. Additionally, you can summon other players to assist in boss fights.

Defeat the Boss

Once the boss is defeated, the kill is only counted for the host. You are also asked to put in a password for the new session, and other players have to put in a password to join your session, that’s if you have one {password}. Then you wait for everyone to join in and begin the game.

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