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Dolmen: Top Tips To Know Before Playing

Dolmen is a game in a soul-like set in space on Revion Prime, a hostile extraterrestrial world that is being forcibly fused with other realities.




As a player in this game, you are to bring back samples of a crystal with particularly unique properties. These crystals can allow interaction between realities, revolutionize space exploration, and change the known world forever.

In addition, Revion Prime offers a plethora of gruesome horrors that will put your skills to the test.

Top Tips To Know Before Playing- Dolmen

When you first enter this dark and scary environment, there’s a lot to take in, featuring anomalies like giant spiders that spit acid, humanoid aliens who aren’t glad to see you, and tunnels that resemble the inside of an intestinal tract.

We’ll go over a few key points to keep in mind as you go on your trek through the deadly planet of Revion Prime in this tutorial.

The Fire Zombies

The best combo for the Fire Zombies is four heavy attacks in a row and one light attack for the finish. They will always be Perma Stunned and killed unless they decide to make the unblockable attack. And if that is the case, dodge out of the way and repeat the tactic.

Be Wary Of Your Slow Recovery Of Stamina

It can take an eternity for your stamina to replenish after you’ve used up a significant chunk of it. This implies that if you use large weapons that waste a lot of energy, you’ll probably spend a lot of time strafing around trying to recover them.

Therefore, please keep track of how much you’ve used, so you’ll know when it’s time to stop and wait for it to replenish.

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