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Dolmen: How to Get Dolmen Fragments Fast Quickly

Dolmen fragments are crystals used to build, defeat a boss, and get weapons. In this game, you need to get as many dolmens as possible in a level to level up higher and better.




Dolmen, a sci-fi romp, is no exception. Soulslike games are notorious for their cryptic game design and hard gameplay. However, when you first enter this dark and gloomy environment, there’s a lot to take in, including several unique elements that set it apart from other games in the genre.

How to Get Dolmen Fragments Fast Quickly – Dolmen

Getting dolmens isn’t so hard, but they are tricky, and you need to get the right set of weapons to defeat bosses. When you defeat bosses, you get dolmens and kill monsters that spawn from eggs.

Kill Monsters

The fastest way to get dolmens is by killing monsters that spawn from eggs. All basic enemies can drop dolmen fragments at the same rates, but these enemies die fast.

So to farm them, I suggest you go to the dump. Once there and find a location with a lot of monster eggs. Then, go to the eggs and kill all the monsters spawn from them.

Collect All Fragments From the Monsters

Don’t forget to collect the fragments that drop from them after ordering them. Now run back and interact with the central path beacon to force the eggs to re-spawn.

Just complete this method till you have gotten as many Dolmen Fragments as you want or require. This method is the simplest way to obtain Dolmen fragments in this game.

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