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Expeditions Mudrunner: How to Get More Fuel

Running out of fuel mid-expedition is the worst feeling…




Expeditions Mudrunner is all about completing expeditions, traversing rough terrain, and managing resources. When it comes to resources, nothing is more important than Fuel.

If it runs out, you’re going to have to restart the entire expedition, after all.

If you keep running out of Fuel during expeditions, then we’ve got you covered! We’re gonna tell you the best way to get it so you don’t have to worry about running out ever again.

How to Get More Fuel

In the middle of expeditions, the best way to get more Fuel is through Air Drops. These give you the necessary resources that you can then use while driving.

While stocking up on resources before heading out on the expedition is smart, you’re going to need Air Drops to be able to replenish your Fuel in the middle of an expedition. 

Air Drops drop all around the map, and it’s smart to go out of your way to get all of them. Exploration is key here. While some of them are in inconvenient and hard-to-reach places, the fuel you obtain from them can make a lot of difference. 

Air Drops in Mudrunner Expedition

Air Drops give a variety of drops, all of which can be useful. The main resource we’re looking for of course is Fuel.

As a bonus tip, Air Drops respawn after Expeditions, so there’s really no reason to not get all of them!

Fuel in Mudrunner Expedition

As you progress, Air Drops will get harder to find. They are by far the most lucrative option when it comes to getting fuel though, so it’s worth the effort to go the extra mile and get all of them. 
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