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How to Unlock Collie 293M Pug in Expeditions Mudrunner

Unlock this heavy duty behemoth!




Once you get to Arizona in Expeditions Mudrunner, the game will start to feel much more difficult. You will have to carry out harder expeditions and traverse extremely difficult terrain. All this makes it extremely important for you to get your hands on better vehicles.

The Collie 293M is one such vehicle that is a very useful option to have. The armored vehicle is very durable and gives you a lot of power to work with.

We will be looking at how you can unlock this vehicle in Expeditions Mudrunner. It is a bit hard to unlock, but the grind is completely worth it.

How to Unlock Collie 293M Pug

the expedition that requires you to retrieve the truck.

The Collie 293M Pug can be unlocked through the “Unsuccessful Geoanalysis” expedition. For this expedition, you will need to bring a fallen Collie 293M Pug truck back to your base.

What makes this expedition so hard is the area you have to go through to get to the truck and then having to carry that massive vehicle back. The combination of the rough terrain and the weight of the fallen truck poses quite a challenge.

You will need 2 different trucks for this mission. Make sure that the trucks you take are powerful enough to pull the Collie 293M Pug.

Getting to the Collie 293M Pug

There are multiple ways in which you can retrieve the fallen truck. Our way is just one way you can do this, but the game allows you to get very creative with expeditions like these.

bridges to help you get from one place to another

Before you can bring the truck back with you, you need to get to it. There are plenty of places on the map where you can create a bridge between two pieces of land that are close together. In the image above you can see that, and making a bridge there will help you get to the fallen vehicle.

Pulling the Truck

pull the truck using a winch

Once you get to the truck, you can start pulling it using a winch. The Collie 293M is a heavy truck, so pulling it through rough terrain will take some time.

islands you can use to make it easier to get across water

The small islands on the map are very useful, as they can help you get the truck from one body of land to another. You will need to utilize both of your trucks for this. You can also utilize bridges for this if that route will take you less time.

pulling the truck into water

First, you will need to pull the Collie 293M into the water with one of your trucks. You can see this happening in the image above. The game allows you to get an upgrade that makes you resistant to water damage, so make sure to have that for this.

pulling the truck out of water

You can then use your other truck to pull both trucks out of the water. All this is a bit time-consuming, but it is an effective way of moving trucks through the water if you are not able to create a bridge.

Recovering the Fallen Truck

use waypoints to guide you to your destination

You can lay down markers that will help you get to your destination and recover the truck. Always try making a route that is easy to traverse and saves you fuel. The mission is pretty long, so you will need to have a lot of fuel in your inventory.

purchase the truck once it is unlocked

Getting the truck to where you need to take it will unlock the truck. Once the truck is unlocked, you can purchase it and start using it. Make sure to upgrade the truck and make it better.

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