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Expeditions Mudrunner: How to Use Metal Detector

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Expeditions Mudrunner How to Use Metal Detector

The Metal Detector in Expeditions Mudrunner is an extremely useful piece of equipment. You can use it to find tons of different upgrades and other valuable items. To use it though, you will first need to know how to use the Metal Detector

We will be looking at how to use the Metal Detector in Expeditions Mudrunner and how it exactly works.

How to Use Metal Detector

Before you can use the Metal Detector, you need to make sure that your vehicle has it.

metal detector Expeditions Mudrunner

When picking out a truck, the Devices part in the description will let you know if the truck has a metal detector. The icon in the image above is for Metal Detectors. There are plenty of trucks in this game that do not have a Metal Detector, so make sure the one you choose has it.

selecting the metal detector from the devices Expeditions Mudrunner

In game, the Metal Detector can be accessed through your truck’s devices. the image above shows the Metal Detector option in the selection wheel. You must ensure your truck is turned on when trying to use the Metal Detector.

Always try using the Metal Decteor as soon as you spawn into the map. There can be quite a few valuable upgrades that are close to the location at which you start.

using the metal detector Expeditions Mudrunner

When scanning the area around you, the game will point you in the direction of objects that might interest you. If you look at the image above, the green lights lead us towards an upgrade in that direction.

You can follow the directions of the lights and get some cool new upgrades for your vehicle. Once you are done using the Metal Detector, you can put it away by closing it. The Metal Detector can be used whenever you like.

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