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Expeditions: How to Unlock Free Roam on Each Map

Roam the maps freely




The game Expeditions allows you to run research missions in muddy terrains, giving you a taste of very fun off-road adventures. Other than carrying out expeditions, you can also use the game’s free-roam mode to roam the map however you like.

In total, there are 3 different maps that you can explore in Expeditions. We will be looking at how you can unlock free-roam for all 3 of these maps.

How to Unlock Free Roam on Each Map

free roam unlocked after completing expeditions

To unlock free-roam, you will need to complete all the expeditions that the map has. So, for Little Colorado, you will need to complete the 5 different expeditions before you can freely roam the map.

Once the expeditions are complete, you can choose the free-roam option found in the Expedition Selection menu.

the 3 different maps in the game

The other 2 maps in the game, Arizona and Carpathians, have 37 expeditions each. When compared to Little Colorado’s 5, this is a huge increase. You can unlock free roam for the other 2 maps by completing all the expeditions.

the loadout selection when going into free roam

Like expeditions, you can take up to 4 trucks with you when going into free-roam. The free-roam mode is a great way to explore the map at your own pace and liking. Alongside that, free-roam in Expeditions is also a great way to make a ton of extra money.

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