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Expeditions A MudRunner Game: How to Complete “No More Shaking”




Once you get to Arizona in Expeditions Mudrunner, the expeditions will start becoming quite tricky. The “No More Shaking” expedition is one of the hardest ones you will encounter in this game.

We have put together a very detailed guide that should help you complete this expedition. It is a hard expedition to complete, but very doable if you prepare well for it.

How to Complete “No More Shaking”

expedition description

The expedition will require you to take a suitable truck. In terms of difficulty, the game tells you that this expedition is Very Hard. It’s a long expedition, which will require you to be very smart with your truck’s setup.

Once you have the right truck, property planning and a good understanding of the game’s mechanics should help you successfully finish the expedition.

There are 2 parts to this expedition. The first part requires you to travel to Wahweap Bay, and for the second you will need to get to the specified area and set up your scanner.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

the best truck for this expedition

The best truck for this expedition is the Step 310E. What makes this truck so good is how versatile it is. You get a little bit of everything, and to top that off, this vehicle is also very fuel-efficient. Once you go into the expedition, you will notice that fuel efficiency is extremely important.

the upgrade screen

For your truck’s upgrades, the 2 main things you need to focus on are the suspension and the tires. Make sure to upgrade both as the stock ones are going to make completing this expedition much harder.

exterior upgrades with rear mounted rack highlighted

You will also need to tweak your truck’s exterior components. The Rear-Mounted Rack upgrade under Rear will give you an extra inventory slot to work with. Having items like the Jack Screw or the Anchor can make a massive difference.

make sure to get the emergency reserve m upgrade.

Also, make sure to get the Emergency Reserve M upgrade under Miscellaneous. The difference between the fuel you get from this and the S version of this upgrade is massive.

What to do in Game

deploy at the field operations base

Once you have the right truck, you can jump into the expedition. The first thing you need to take care of here is the deployment location. The game allows you to choose the location at which you want to start.

Deploy at the Field Operation Base, as this location is closest to where you need to go.

plan your route

Expeditions Mudrunner allows you to plan the route you want to take. The image above shows a very good route to take in this specific expedition. You can get to the Wahweap Bay travel point very quickly using this route and end up saving a lot of fuel.

area where you need to go

Once you get to Wahweap Bay, opening up the map will show you a yellow area. This yellow area is where you need to go.

plan the best possible route

Again, make a route that will go from where you are to where you need to go. The image above shows the ideal route to take over here. The path this time will be a bit tougher than before.

If you happen to get to the second area with less than half fuel left in your inventory, then completing the expedition is close to impossible. You must get to the second part of the expedition with at least half of the fuel tank full.

scan the area to finish the expedition

Once you get to where you need to go, just scan the area and do what the game requires. If you manage to take care of your fuel and don’t make a lot of mistakes, then getting here is not that hard.

The main thing you need to do in an expedition like this is minimize mistakes. Proper planning and good driving are useful for any expedition in this game.

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