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How to Recover Your Vehicle in Expeditions A MudRunner Game

Recover your lost vehicles




Expeditions Mudrunner can be quite difficult at times. The game’s extreme terrain and rough surroundings can make driving without crashing or damaging your vehicle very hard. If you do happen to lose your vehicle in any way, the game does allow you to recover it.

This guide will look at how vehicle recovery in this game works, and how can you use it.

How to Recover Your Vehicle

Expeditions Mudrunner is fully based around your vehicles, so you will want to always have it ready. When loading into an expedition or free-roam, you can take up to 4 vehicles with you. Any of the vehicles that you lose can be recovered in the same way.

You will most probably need to use the vehicle recovery option much more when starting off in the game. Once you are used to the game mechanics and aren’t a beginner anymore, driving should feel much easier.

vehicle recovery

You can recover your vehicle through the map. When you open up the map, switch over to the Objects section and you will find the Outposts and Gates option here.

Depending on which location you want your vehicle at, select it and you can then recover your vehicle.

The vehicle can be recovered by simply pressing the recovery button. Depending on the platform you are playing on, the game will show you which button to use. In our case, Y is the recovery button on the Xbox.

a vehicle that you just deployed

Other than recovering lost vehicles, the vehicle recovery option can also be used to deploy your vehicle at a different deployment location.

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