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Expeditions A MudRunner Game: How to Turn On Headlights

Don’t let the dark stop you




Expeditions Mudrunner allows you to go on expeditions at all times of the day. The biggest factor that will affect you at different times of the day is visibility. Your visibility will be much lower at night, making headlights essential.

The game doesn’t really tell you how you can turn on headlights, and it is something a lot of players might have trouble with. In this guide, we will look at how to turn on headlights in Expeditions Mudrunner.

How to Turn On Headlights

trucks headlights that are off

To turn on headlights, you will first need to load into the game and start up your car. All you need to do next is press down on the right analog stick if you are playing on a console.

In our case it is on the PlayStation, so R3 will turn on the headlights. For PC players, the default key to turn on headlights is L on your keyboard.

The way to turn on headlights in this game is much different than some of the developers’ previous titles. You will notice that this game and previous Expeditions games have quite a few other differences too, which might make fans of the series feel like beginners.

the headlights once they are turned on

Once the headlights are on, the visibility at night will feel much higher. The headlights can be turned off the same way they were turned on.

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