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Expeditions MudRunner: What to do With Dinosaur Femur and Scrap Meal

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Expeditions MudRunner what to do dinosaur Femur Scarp Metal

Exploring the wilderness can be confusing, and you might wonder what to do with a dinosaur femur and scrap metal in Expeditions MudRunner. Here, you need to explore and look for resources constantly, and there are plenty of tools for it. However, you probably won’t know what to do with most of the items from the get-go.

If you are starting in this game, and you haven’t played something like SnowRunner, you won’t know where to begin.

Knowing every item and its use before you start your game can save you a lot of time. Organizing earlier in the game can make your runs easier, and learning more about your items will help you.

What to Do with Dinosaur Femur and Scrap Metal in Expeditions Mudrunner?

During your gameplay, you will receive airdrops with items that might seem useless at first. You can use or sell everything you get, which means you should always save everything you find or get. In the particular case of dinosaur femur and general dinosaur bones, you can sell them. Once you finish your run and reach your base, they will be automatically sold for a juice profit.

Expeditions MudRunner Item view

The scrap metal can be used in your base Workshop, once you unlock it. There, you could exchange scrap metal for anchor points and jack screws.

Anchor points are very useful when you need to get to items that seem unreachable, and jack screws can help you when you need the anchor.

Expeditions MudRunner what to do dinosaur Femur Scarp Metal

We suggest that you try to unlock the workshop as soon as possible, too. You can do this on the Arizona expeditions, on the Grand Canyon map. Look for an expedition called Conquest of the Frontier and finish it as soon as you can.

Expeditions MudRunner Workshop run

You can miss a lot of useful objects in Expeditions MudRunner, like what to do with the dinosaur Femur and Scarp Metal. Always try to check your items, check what happens after any run, and check if you can use anything in your base.

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