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Expeditions Mudrunner: How to Get OS III Scout Tires

Upgrade your wheels




How to Get OS III Tires in Expeditions

Tires in Expeditions Mudrunner are one of the most important components to upgrade. Later on in the game when you start getting harder expeditions, you will need to have the best tires on your vehicle

The OS III Scout tires are a set of proficient tires that you can unlock very early on in Arizona. We will be looking at how you can get these tires and where you can find them.

How to Get OS 3 Scout Tyres

Like plenty of other upgrades in this game, you will need to find the OS III Scout tires in the game. You can do this by first scouting the area around you and then making your way to the upgrade.

Always make sure to take a good amount of resources like the Anchor and Jack Screw with you when you go to explore the map.

A scouting truck is more useful to have than the bigger trucks for this type of thing. If you have multiple trucks, you can switch between them and use the one that works best.

Scouting the Area

use metal detector to find where the upgrade is Expeditions Mudrunner

As soon as you spawn into Arizona for your first expedition, scan the area around you using the metal detector. This should show you that there is an upgrade somewhere behind you.

get the exact location of the upgrade using your drone Expeditions Mudrunner

You can then utilize your drone and scout the area. Take your drone northwest, and you should be able to find the tire upgrade at the edge of the cliff. Having found the upgrade, you will now need to get to it.

Getting to the Upgrade

head right from where you spawn Expeditions Mudrunner

From the place where you deployed onto the map, head right to get to the upgrade. The upgrade is behind us, but we will need to go around the cliff edges to get to it.

The path to our destination is a bit tricky. You will need to have Anchors and Jack Screws just in case something goes wrong.

get on top of the yellow dotted box to claim your upgrade

You can create a route to where the upgrade is and follow it to get to it. Once you get on top of the yellow dotted box, you will be able to claim the tires.

There are plenty of different upgrades that are available for you to get on the map. Always make sure to search the various points of interest on the map to get yourself some amazing upgrades for your vehicles.

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