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Expeditions MudRunner: How to Fix Stuck on Reward Screen

A quick and easy fix




Once you unlock free-roam in Expeditions Mudrunner, you will gain access to various tasks that will reward you upon completing them. Most of these tasks will instantly reward you with a reward screen that pops.

You can normally remove this screen by simply pressing a button, but what if that doesn’t work?

Luckily there is a fix if you get stuck on the reward screen, and in this guide, we will be looking at the solution.

How to Fix Stuck on Reward Screen

the task completed screen with the money you can claim

The bug is mostly relevant to PC players playing with a controller. It’s a very common issue that can happen, and the reason for it is the game not detecting your input device. For some odd reason, this bug mostly happens on the reward screen.

On the reward screen, the game will tell you that you need to press a specific button on your controller to get rewards. Pressing that button though will not do anything. In our case, the money earned can be claimed using A on the Xbox controller.

changing the input to controller will let you get rewards with enter.

The only apparent way to fix this glitch is to disconnect your controller. Once the controller is disconnected, you can use your keyboard as the input device. With your keyboard, you can press enter to claim the rewards.

With the reward screen out of your way, you can continue playing the game. It might not be a convenient solution, but for now, it is the only one we know of.

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