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Expeditions A MudRunner Game: How to Switch Vehicle and Skip Time

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Depending on the expedition you want to carry out in Expeditions Mudrunner, you might need to take more than 1 vehicle with you. Expeditions Mudrunner allows you to take multiple vehicles, and you can choose vehicles for all your different needs.

We will be looking at how you can switch between vehicles while on an expedition. The game gets a lot of stuff right, but this is something that is quite tricky to figure out on your own. Other than that, we will also be looking at how you can skip time in this game.

Both of these tasks are mainly tricky due to the game’s user interface. You can switch between vehicles and skip time through the game’s in-game menu. Being able to do both of these actions is useful during expeditions or free-roam.

How to Switch Vehicles in Expeditions Mudrunner

pressing r1 will open up the auto menu

Before you can switch between the vehicles you have, you will need to shut off your current vehicle’s engine.

To turn off the engine, you will need to press open the Auto menu at the bottom right of your screen. Depending on the platform you are on, the game will tell you the button for this. In our case, it is R1 on PlayStation.

the triangle option from the auto menu will shut down the vehicles engine.

After pressing R1, you will have 4 options to choose from. Selecting the top one will turn off your vehicle’s engine. On the PlayStation, the default button for this is Triangle.

hover over the other vehicle that you have and press details

Once the engine is off, you will need to open up your map. You can select the other vehicle you took with you from your map. Next, press the details button when hovering over the vehicle.

once the details are open, press the action button to switch vehicles

The details for your vehicle will show you all the relevant information about your vehicle. From here, simply press the action button and that will switch you over to this vehicle.

How to Skip Time

the skip time button will let you skip time.

To skip time in this game, you will once again need to open up the map. At the bottom of your screen here you will be able to see Skip Time.

In our case, we can skip time using the L3 button on our PlayStation controller. L3 on the PlayStation means pressing down on the left analog stick.

the time of day changed from day to night.

Pressing the Skip Time button will not indicate that something is happening, but if you exit the map, you will notice that the time of day has changed.

You can skip time or switch vehicles as many times as you like. Both can be done through the main menu and are fairly easy to do once you know what to do.

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