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Welcome to ParadiZe: How to Get Past Bees

Tired of swarms of bees blocking your way?




Welcome to ParadiZe makes use of different methods to spice exploration up and add some variety. To overcome these obstacles, you usually need to make use of your zombie friends. 

One such problem you have to overcome during exploration is getting past bee swarms. We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to get past these Bees.

How to Get Past Bees

If you come across any Bees, you’ll also find some Beehives. These Beehives are the cause of the Bee swarm. To get past the bees, just remove the Beehives from your path and then you should be able to progress. But not yourself.

Bees in Welcome to ParadiZe

To remove them, you’ll need the help of trusty Zombie Pals. When you see a Beehive, you’ll see a button prompt over it. Press that button, it’s LB or L1 on a controller.

Collect in Welcome to ParadiZe

Once you’ve pressed the button, one of your zombies will go and pick up the Beehive. This will clear that area of Bees. If you don’t have zombies with you, then you’ll have to find some because there’s no other method. 

Zombies Collecting in Welcome to ParadiZe

You might need to pick up the Beehives multiple times to clear out the path completely, otherwise you’ll take damage. Once they’re up, you should be safe and ready to go!

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