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Welcome to ParadiZe: Where to Get Tape 

Tape is the solution to pretty much every problem…




Welcome to ParadiZe features a ton of collectible loot and items that can be used for various things. These items are just found randomly around the map, but what if you’re looking for something specific? It can be frustrating having to look for it.

One important item is Tape, which some players struggle to find. We’re here to help you find all the tape you’ll ever need, so you never run out!

Where to Get Tape

You can find tape at Broken Megahoops. These are in various places on the map, and you can find them by just hovering over your map. Once you’ve found one, run over to it. They look like this on the map.

Broken Megahoops in Welcome to ParadiZe

You can usually find some Tape at these locations. Unfortunately, Tape isn’t a guaranteed drop so there’s a chance you can’t find any.

If you can’t, try looking for another one on the map. There’s a lot, so you’ll find more than enough Tape.

Collecting Tape in Welcome to ParadiZe

Alternatively, you can just loot what you find at the Broken Megahoop and leave the area. If you hang around for about 5 minutes, more loot will respawn at the Broken Megahoop. Try visiting it again to see if there’s more Tape there for you to collect now!

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