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Welcome to ParadiZe: How to Change Outfit

Equip a new fit and be more stylish than ever!




Welcome to ParadiZe can also double as a dress-up game as needed, providing a lot of options for customization as well as different cosmetic outfits you can wear. You can equip a ton of these and switch out between them while playing as you want.

If you’re struggling to figure out where the option is to change outfits, then we’re here to help. It’s simpler than you might have thought, so we should be done in no time!

How to Change Outfit

To change your outfit, you just have to click the necessary icon in your Inventory menu. It can be found near the Stars icon, in the top left of your inventory. Once you click it, the icon should now be decorated with a new blue splash.

Inventory Button in Welcome to ParadiZe

This option works as a toggle; once it’s on you can equip cosmetic items as you please. To equip a cosmetic item, click it, and then click Equip.  After clicking Equip, you should see the item on your character in the preview to the right. 

Equipping in Welcome to ParadiZe

There are different items for each part of your body, such as Arm armor, helmets, vests, and more. These will appear on your character’s body while you play, so choose something you like! 

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