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Unicorn Overlord: How to Unlock Ochlys 

Unlock the warrior angel for your party!




Unicorn Overlord allows you to get a bunch of different people for your party. These are usually related to some Quests you have to complete or some other requirements you have to fulfill. The exact details and methods of unlocking some party members can be confusing.

One such party member is Ochlys. Plenty of people have had some confusion about how they can unlock her, and we’re here to set the record straight and help you out!

How to Unlock Ochlys

To unlock Ochlys, you have to complete a Side Quest and gather some materials. The quest is called The Winged Knight, and you should find it naturally as you go through the main game. Once completed, you’ll be able to talk to her.

The Winged Knight Quest in Unicorn Overlord

It’s only Level 4 so you shouldn’t have that much difficulty, especially if you have an optimized team like the one we recommend. Once done, talk to Ochlys. You’ll learn that to get her to join the Liberation Army, she needs 30 Divine Shards

By choosing to execute the Thief at the end of the “The Winged Knight” quest, you’ll be given 15 Divine Shards. Now all you need to do is find 15 more. This is easier said than done, considering there’s currently no method to optimize farming Divine Shards.

Divine Shards can be found just lying about the world. The drop shown in the image below is the kind of drop you should be looking for in order to find a Divine Shard. These drops are all random, so you’ll just have to keep looking around until you find the necessary amount. 

Collectable Item in Unicorn Overlord

Keep an eye on the right side of your screen, as that’s where the game will inform you when you successfully pick up a Divine Shard. If you keep patient, you’ll find the amount you need sooner than later. 

Divine Shard in Unicorn Overlord

Once you’ve given Ochlys the Divine Shards that she wants, she’ll join the Liberation Army. She’s already a fan favorite, so it’s worth it to go through the effort and get her to join you. 

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