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Unicorn Overlord: How to Get the Best Weapon Early (Kingsblade Cornix)

Get your hands on the best weapon in the shortest amount of time possible!




The Unicorn Overlord demo features a ton of weapons, but the Kingsblade Cornix is the clear victor. It has 25 Physical Attack, and buffs all of your stats by 5. This is an extremely OP weapon, and having it early on in the game will make it a lot easier. 

 To obtain it, you have to do a small quest, and we’ll be guiding you through that in this article.

How to Get the Best Weapon Early (Kingsblade Cornix)

To get the best weapon early, you have to find a journal. This starts the Carved of Cornia Stone quest. This journal can be found near where you find Miriam in the main story. Just head North through the woods, until you come across some ruins

Ruins in Unicorn Overloard

To complete the Carved of Cornia Quest, you have to find 4 Stone carvings and interact with them. We’ve highlighted each of them on the map below. 

Map Locations in Unicorn Overlord

A lot of these have higher-level enemies guarding them, up to Level 16. We recommend using a Thief build with extra evasion to run past them without getting into fights. Alternatively, you could also just make them follow you and split them up, then run through them when you get the opportunity. 

If you do find yourself losing fights, try to get a good Healer in your team. This will help you gain victory even if your team is lacking in overall Level. You’ll mostly have trouble with the two carvings up North on the map, the other two are quite easy to get. 

Once you’re done with examining the carvings, you’ll be given the sword. The sword really is as good as it’s hyped up to be, so have fun with it!

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