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Unicorn Overlord: Ultimate Class Guide | Skills, Abilities, Tactics

An overview of the 60+ classes in this deep SPRG!




Unicorn Overlord boasts over 60 playable classes to choose from, and this ultimate class guide will help you quickly know all of them and their main traits.

Seriously, Vanillaware weren’t kidding when they said this was their most ambitious game to date. Having this many classes is genuinely an impressive feat!

Do be warned: this guide will have some spoilers, especially when it comes to unique classes.

If you don’t mind that, though, just read on and we’ll give you our overview of all the classes.

Ultimate Class Guide for Unicorn Overlord

Basic Classes

Unicorn Overlord: Ultimate Class Guide - Basic Classes

There are 20 known basic classes for you to use in Unicorn Overlord, each one capable of being promoted into an ultimate advanced class.

The Promoted Classes retain the same style and skills of their basic counterparts, but get access to new skills and better stats as well.

Counting the 20 basic classes and their promoted variants, you have a total of 40 classes to play with! And that’s not even counting some special ones, which we’ll cover later in this guide…

A unit of basic classes

With all that said, let’s look at the 21 basic classes in the game and what they can be Promoted into:

  • Arbalist – A supporting Ranger class, mostly meant to be used in the back row. Excels against Flying foes and enemies with high Evasion, such as Thieves. Can be promoted to Shieldshooter, giving them access to Shields.
  • Cleric – Your go-to healer class, they assist their allies with a variety of recovering skills. Most heals are percentage-based, so it works best with high HP classes like Hoplites. Can be promoted to Bishop.
  • Dark Knight – Knights who are emboldened in the face of adversity; they become stronger when their HP is low. Weak to anti-cavalry skills, but strong against Infantry classes. Can be promoted to Doom Knight.
  • Fighter – Boasts excellent Physickal Defense and is capable of protecting allies, but is extremely weak to magic and armor-breaking attacks. Can be promoted to Vanguard.

Basic Classes Part 2

Gryphon Knight
  • Gladiator – Strong warriors with very powerful Physickal Attack skills that hit multiple enemies and high HP. Their defenses are pretty low, however. Can be promoted to Berserker.
  • Gryphon Knight – Has very high Evasion, Attack, and Magick Defense. It’s also very strong against grounded cavalry classes like Knights, but weak against anti-Flying skills. Can be promoted to Gryphon Master.
  • Hoplite – Extremely sturdy thanks to their high Physickal Defense, and very capable of protecting allies. They get countered by anti-armor and magick skills, however. Can be promoted to Legionnaire
  • Housecarl – A class that boasts high Physickal Attack and the ability to shred the enemy’s Armor. Weak against anti-Infantry skills. Can be promoted to Viking, which allows them to equip Shields.
  • Hunter – Accurate bow-users who can assist allies with their arrows. They’re also strong against Flying enemies and classes with high Evasion, like Thieves. Not very sturdy, though! Can be promoted to Sniper.
  • Knight– Your standard cavalry class. Their horse gives them extra mobility, and they have solid offense and defense. Weak against anti-cavalry skills. Can be promoted to Great Knight.
  • Radiant Knight – A strong cavalry class who has excellent mobility thanks to his horse, as well as high Magickal Defense. Ineffective to Flying enemies, though. Can be promoted to Sainted Knight.
  • Sellsword – Boasts extremely high Physickal Attack and the ability to counter foes’ attacks. Can be promoted to Landsknecht.

Basic Classes Part 3

  • Shaman – A support class that focuses on weakening foes. Can sap foes’ PP and weaken their offense and defense, making them easier to deal with. Can be promoted to Druid.
  • Soldier – A footsoldier with a spear, can hit multiple enemies in a column. Also a solid support class, as it can provide healing and buffs to allies. Can be promoted to Sergeant.
  • Swordfighter – High Evasion and Accuracy make this class perfect against other high Evasion classes. Their low defenses make them weak to other high Accuracy classes, though. Can be promoted to Swordmaster.
  • Thief – Has the highest Evasion of the basic classes and can also steal the enemy’s PP. Very low HP and defenses make it weak against accurate classes, such as Hunters. Can be promoted to Rogue.
Wyvern Knight
  • Warrior – Makes up for its poor defense with incredible Physickal Attack and armor-breaking skills. Ideal against foes like Hoplites and Fighters! Can be promoted to Breaker.
  • Witch – A support-oriented class, they can add Magick Attack to their allies’ skills. A must-have when dealing with low magick defense classes, like Hoplites. Can be promoted to Sorceress.
  • Wizard – Your go-to class for Magick Attack. Can overwhelm foes with powerful spells, but is useless against classes with high Magick Defense. Can be promoted to Warlock.
  • Wyvern Knight – A Flying class with great Evasion, Attack, and Physickal Defense. Great against ground cavalry, like Knights, but weak to anti-Flying skills. Can be promoted to Wyvern Master.

Promoted-Only Classes

Unicorn Overlord: Ultimate Class Guide - Promoted Exclusive Classes

With the dozens of basic classes done, it’s now time to talk about classes that can only be found as Promoted Classes.

These advanced classes don’t have a lower-tier basic variant, so they are recruited as-is. However, their strength and skills are matching the average power of regular Promoted Classes!

Now, let’s go over all of 13 of these classes!

Elven Classes

Elven Classes

These classes are all of the Elf race. They don’t seem to share any particular trait with each other, however, so their distinction as Elven seems to be mostly for flavor.

  • Elven Archer – The Elven variant of Hunters, they can deal highly accurate long-range Magickal Attacks. They can also remove debuffs from allies, making them a counter against Shamans.
  • Elven Augur – Somewhat akin to the Cleric class, the Elven Augur assists their allies with healing and support skills. Can also summon faeries to strengthen skills, and can provide Magick Assist attacks.
  • Elven Fencer – A close-range fighter that deals Magickal damage instead of Physickal. Can also protect allies from long-range classes like Hunters, making them pair well with Flying classes.
  • Elven Sybil – A support unit fully focused on healing. Has better healing than the Elven Augur and can provide healing assists, but can’t do magick attack assists.

Feather Classes

Feather Classes

The “Feather” classes all have the unique trait of becoming stronger during daytime battles. However, their flight makes them weak to anti-flying attacks, such as the ones from Hunters.

  • Featherbow – Excellent Accuracy and Magick Defense. Just like Hunters, the Featherbows are very strong against high Evasion classes.
  • Feathershield – Boasts fantastic Magick Defense and can also reflect magick attacks back to foes. Extremely effective at shutting down classes like the Wizard.
  • Featherstaff – Support class that excels at healing allies. Has the unique quirk of being able to cast healing spells right before allies get hit.
  • Feathersword – Your first Feathersword will most likely be Orchys, a unique recruitable character. Has excellent Evasion and Magick Defense, plus they have skills that can lower the enemy’s Evasion.

Werebeast Classes

Werebeast Classes

These beastly classes are the opposite of the “Feather” classes from before, as they become stronger during the nighttime. They don’t have a shared weakness, however!

  • Werebear – A living tank, they boast high HP and high Physickal Defense. Ideal in the front line, tanking attacks for their unit. Their Accuracy is pretty low and they’re also weak to Magick and anti-armor skills.
  • Werefox – Extremely agile, boasting high Initiative and Evasion. They are capable of applying various afflictions to enemies. They are weak to classes with high Accuracy, such as Hunters.
  • Werelion – Overall, the Werelion is pretty much identical to the Berserker. The only notable difference is the Werebeast nighttime buff.
  • Wereowl – Similar to the Cleric class archetype, Wereowls are healers that will support allies and keep them healthy. They also count as a Flying class, so they are weak to anti-Flying skills.
  • Werewolf – Highly accurate Physickal Attack class. Mostly excels at dealing extra damage to foes that have been weakened by debuffs or afflictions, making them a great pair with Shamans and Werefoxes.

Unique Classes

Unicorn Overlord: Ultimate Class Guide - Unique Classes

Let’s finish our ultimate class guide for Unicorn Overlord with the unique exclusive classes. These classes are character-specific, so they’re very limited!

Here are all of the 8 unique classes in Ultimate Overlord:

  • Dark Marquess (Berengaria, Nigel, Elgor, Alcina) – This unique class is shared by 4 characters, but they all have unique skills despite being a “shared” class. They all have excellent offense and defense, and can also apply afflictions.
  • Dreadnought (Amalia) – A slow but powerful class with excellent physical offense and defense. Amalia’s sturdy build and powerful equipment allow her to break gates and barricades with extreme ease.
  • Lord (Alain) – The protagonist’s exclusive class fittingly makes him a jack-of-all-trades. Gains extra Valor Points and has fantastic offense and defense, as well as decent support. Can be promoted to High Lord, giving Alain a horse and turning him into Cavalry.
  • Paladin (Josef) – Josef’s unique Paladin class is, more or less, an upgraded version of the standard Knight class. Has more support skills and is resilient against magick assist attacks.
Gilbert, the sole Prince-class character
  • Prince (Gilbert) – A support class capable of strengthening allies and boosting their morale. Units with the Prince as their leader will gain more Valor Points when defeating foes.
  • Priestess (Scarlett) – Basically, a stronger version of the Cleric. Can heal and buff allies, making Scarlett an all-round strong supportive class. Can be promoted to High Priestess, giving her some Magick Attacks.
  • Snow Ranger (Yunifi) – Yunifi’s unique take on the Hunter class. She’s strong against Flying enemies and enemies with high Evasion. She’s also capable of inflicting ice-based debuffs and statuses like Frozen.
  • Valkyria (Queen Ilenia) – Powerful offense makes Queen Ilenia extremely capable against Flying and Armored enemies. She’s also quite sturdy and has extra resilience against ranged assist attacks.

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