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Best Weapons to Get Early in Unicorn Overlord

Get the best start with the higher damage!




Where can get best weapons unicorn overlord

Strategy games like Unicorn Overlord require that you look for the best weapons early in the game. Having good weapons can give you the upper hand in any battle, making your strategies a complete success. From the beginning, you can buy or unlock a lot of special items if you know where to look.

Having well-equipped units is key if you want to win battles without needing to use your healer every turn. In this case, equipment, items, and overall resources are part of your strategies and have an important role. Learning where you can get powerful items can change your start, make boss fights easier, and increase your chances of recruitment.

Where You Can Get the Best Weapons in Unicorn Overlord Early?

Most items listed here can be obtained in very early game locations; however, you need to save money in order to get them. There are also multiple items that are very useful, and you should try to get at least a few of those.

Ouvrir Harvor

Runic Sword: This weapon is important during early game stages because it can get you extra magic defense and can ignore armor. Tank defenses are based on their armor, and ignoring it can wipe them out very easily. Now, magic users are behind tanks, and they usually deal a lot of damage. Thanks to the extra defense, you will be able to handle magic users better.

Unwavering Spear: Avoid tanks, such as thieves and griffins, who can almost always dodge your attacks. This Spear not only has an extra accuracy bonus, but its special ability can destroy that kind of tank.

True Trust is a 100% accuracy attack that can’t be avoided by any unit and is a lane attack that can hit the enemy in the front and back lines. The combination of all its bonuses makes this a must-have weapon from the beginning.

Best Weapons firts harbor

Palevia Harbor

Sanguine Blade: As you can guess, the Sanguine Blade has special Sanguine Attacks. Every single attack that you land on the enemy will heal you 50% of the damage you caused. This is a very popular weapon for Lex, making this warrior a better front-line tank.

Where can get best weapons unicorn overlord palevia Harbor

Coquillage Town

Crushing Axe: The special ability of the Crushing Axe is Crush, which lets you stun enemies. Any character with a high level of initiative that can use this weapon can stun powerful enemies at the beginning of the battle, making them skip a turn.

This is very useful if you need to deal with tanks or powerful units. We suggest you equip this kind of axe on any Gryphon Knight you have on your units.

Best weapons Coquillage Town

Thulust Harbor

Viperfang: Thiefs can do poison damage and are very fast, so this weapon works amazing for this class, specifically. The high initiative is another plus, because you can poison powerful units at the very beginning of the fight.

Best weapon Thief viperfang

Treyes Village

Hallowed Mace: The special ability of this weapon heals 10% of the combat unit when using an active skill. If you give this weapon to any tank, you could make that combatant last longer. Also, you will get an extra Max HP +5, so you could have unstoppable units.

Flame Bow: This bow is an amazing addition early on because it allows you to do extra damage to any enemy. Burn damage can get worse with time, and you can destroy tanks faster. Additionally, your archer will deal more damage, having a DPS as good as any mage.

Where can get best weapons unicorn overlord treyes village

Lebougue Hamlet

Thawing Scepter: When you unlock the witch, you can give them this weapon to kill any tank very easily. After an enemy guards an attack, and you use this weapon, it ignores 50% of the target’s defenses.

Where can get best weapons unicorn overlord for witch

Walled City of Barbatimo

Lyrical Wand: This weapon gives you an extra base AP+1. In the early stages of the game, with this, you can attack twice. You can only use it in clerics, thanks to its special ability, but this isn’t a bad thing.

Active Heal restores heal and grants an extra 1 AP to any ally. After you cure the ally, you can attack with an extra attack available, making your cleric more functional.

-best weapon for cleric

Honorable Mention

Warriors Medallion: You could get some of these medallions by completing quests, so you don’t necessarily have to buy them. Nonetheless, it grants Physickal Attack +2, Physickal Attack 10%, and a 10% on Critical Rate.

Battler’s Shield: Most small shields aren’t the best options, but this one grants Physickal attack +2. If you give it to a knight early in the game, they will get extra damage for a very cheap price.

Where can get best weapons unicorn overlord for knight

Silken Scarf: Any avoid tank needs extra evasion, and this item grants you evasion +20. That character will be untouchable for almost any unit.

Blue Spectacles: Archers, wizards, witches, and the like need extra accuracy, and with this, they get accuracy +20. Thanks to this, you can get an extra change of dealing more damage to DPS characters or AOE base enemy’s units.

Best complementary items

Mercenary’s Eyepatch: Thanks to the extra Critical Rate +20%, thieves and DPS based combatants should use it. Aany extra percentage of critical chance can make those combatants deadly.

Gauntlets: If you have characters in the front row, having an extra Guard Rate of 20% makes them stronger and able to resist more damage.

Utility items and weapons are key at the beginning, and most shops have a lot of useful resources.

The ones we mentioned here enhance the natural abilities of important characters or give them a boost that guarantees that they will last longer. Finally, we mentioned most of the locations where you can get the best weapons early on in Unicorn Overlord, but some items might change.

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