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Unicorn Overlord: Unit Build Guide

Form your teams and storm the battlefield!




Unicorn Overlord Unit Build Guide

Learning how to properly build a Unit in Unicorn Overlord will be key to surviving the game’s brutal war story.

Units are basically parties you form using a selection of characters and classes, which gives you a lot of freedom on how to mix and match abilities for combat. They’re the most important part of your army!

In this guide, we’ll give you some guidelines and tips to help you build mighty Units to take on your enemies.

Unit Build Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Units

Basic Guidelines of a Good Unit Build

Unicorn Overlord: Unit Build Guide - Basics

Every Unit you build in Unicorn Overlord will consist of a front row and a back row.

The front row is going to take the brunt of the enemy’s attacks during engagements. As such, you should always have some strong sturdy classes at the front of the line.

These would be classes like the Hoplite, Knight, and Fighters. They can tank the damage, keeping your back row safe!

Other solid choices for the front row would be classes like the Thieves, too. That might seem odd at first, but Thieves have a really high chance to dodge attacks. They make enemies miss to keep the Unit safe.

A thief evades

We mostly bring up the Thieves as an example of the clever strategic potential the game has. Remember to think a bit outside the box if you wish to take on the higher difficulties!

As for the back row of your Unit, you will mostly have fragile offensive characters and support classes. It’s where you should put classes like the Witch, Wizard, Hunter, Priestesses, and Arbalist.

Example of a Unit

You’ll also find that it’s a good place to put other offensive Units, like Gladiators, if you’re playing the game on higher difficulties.

Gladiators might seem sturdy, but they won’t be able to tank like a Hoplite would.

Ultimately, your front row is for tank classes and your back row is for fragile attackers and support classes. Keep this general rule in mind!

Counter Your Enemy’s Units

Unicorn Overlord: Unit Build Guide - Enemy's Units

There’s also another extremely important factor for making a good unit in Unicorn Overlord: knowing what you’re fighting against.

It’s true that there are some very strong Unit compositions in the game, there’s no denying that!

But no Unit build in Unicorn Overlord can overcome every single challenge they face. As such, you’ll need to plan around based on what your enemy’s Units are.

For example, if the enemy has a lot of Units with magic-based classes like Wizards, you should refrain from having a Hoplite as a tank. Hoplites are hard-countered by magic, so they will die instantly!

Radiant Knight in-game tip

Instead, you should make Units with strong anti-magic classes, such as Radiant Knights.

Radiant Knights can make quick work of any mage-type class they face!

In short, you just have to plan around what you’re facing against. You know the saying: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

Support-Only Units Are Viable

Unicorn Overlord: Unit Build Guide - Support and Assist

Not all Units need to dive headfirst into battle, as you can have support-only units. These usually consist of Hunters, Mages, or Clerics, for example.

They stay out of battle themselves, focusing just on providing support for your other Units!

You could have, as an example, a Unit with just 3 Hunters and nothing else.

Hunters on a tower

Put them up on a tower near where your front-line Units are fighting and they’ll provide support, dealing extra damage to enemies.

Healing and Ranged Assist prompt example

Another example is that you can have a Unit with a single Cleric class character, who can heal your other Units whenever they engage in battle.

Using these support-only Units can be a good way to turn things around, just make sure that they stay out of direct combat!

Keep Experimenting! – Mock Battles

Unicorn Overlord: Unit Build Guide - Experimentation and Mock Battles

Ultimately, Unicorn Overlord is a game about experimentation. There are over 60 classes for you to fill your Units with, which means there’s a limitless combination of potential Units!

Your enemies have access to these same classes too, meaning their Units can be just as diverse as yours.

Consider also how things like Tactics affect the behavior of your Units in combat and you’ll realize just how much there is to Unicorn Overlord’s deep strategy systems.

Example of the Tactics

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin…

Thankfully, you can make use of Mock Battles at your Fortress to help you experiment.

These battles allow you to pit your Units against each other, which is a great way to test out a particular Unit build or Tactics setup.

It’s also a great way to learn how to deal with an enemy Unit composition that’s giving you trouble. Just recreate the enemy’s Unit setup and have a Mock Battle against them!

Make good use of Mock Battles and the guidelines we’ve told you about in this guide to make the best Unit builds possible!

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