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Unicorn Overlord: Best Tactics Guide | How to Do More Damage

You can’t win a war by flailing a sword around willy-nilly.




Unicorn Overlord Best Tactics Guide

Tactics are one of the most confusing, but also important, mechanics you need to understand best if you want to do more damage in Unicorn Overlord.

You don’t directly control your characters in battle. Instead, they will act automatically based on the Tactics you’ve defined before combat. Using the right Tactics can make a world of difference!

In this guide, we’ll tell you some general practices to do more damage and what the best general-use Tactics are.

Basics of Tactics in Unicorn Overlord – Best General Practices for Offensive Classes

Unicorn Overlord: Best Tactics Guide | How to Do More Damage - Basics

First off, you should absolutely make sure to set Tactics yourself instead of letting the game use the default ones.

Default Tactics for offensive classes will just focus fire on whatever is in the enemy Unit’s front row. This is particularly bad if your enemy has strong classes in the back row.

It’s a good idea to instead set your Tactics to focus on attacking whichever enemy in the Unit has the lowest HP.

Singling out an enemy and killing them swiftly will make combat engagements a lot easier!

Remember though, this can vary depending on your enemy’s Unit. Sometimes you might want to focus fire specifically on the back row to get rid of annoying support classes, for example.

This is especially true if your enemy has healers, such as the Cleric class.

Long Thrust example

It’s also a good idea to set “Full Column” as Condition 1 for attacks that can hit multiple rows, such as Chloe’s Long Thrust.

This will make her prioritize whichever enemy Unit column has the most characters left, maximizing damage.

You should also include Tactics that set your Hunters to “Prioritize Scout” if you’re facing a Unit with Thieves. The Hunters’ accuracy makes them a hard counter against the Thieves’ evasion.

General Tactics Recommendations for Support Classes

Unicorn Overlord: Best Tactics Guide | How to Do More Damage - Support

As for your support classes, particularly those with access to healing skills, you want to make sure that they heal efficiently. By default, they use healing skills on allies the moment they take any damage.

This might not sound too bad, but they won’t properly prioritize the weakest characters!

Lowest HP Tactic

It’s a good idea to set “Lowest % HP” as Condition 1 for most of your healers. This will ensure that they actually aid the ally that’s closest to dying!

Example of Josef Tactics prioritizing damage

You might also want to set Tactics that limit the use of support skills on offense-focused classes, such as Paladins like Josef.

For example, make the conditions for his Heal skill really specific and he’ll prioritize attacking. It’s a good way to maximize damage on certain classes!

How to Maximize Damage with Tactics | Do More Damage

Unicorn Overlord: Best Tactics Guide | How to Do More Damage - Pre-Battle Preview

One important thing to keep in mind when maximizing your damage using Tactics is that you can actually preview the effect your Tactics will have.

Right before you engage in battle with an enemy Unit, first check out what kind of classes you’re fighting against and look at your predicted damage.

When you’ve taken it all in, select Organize.

Organize option

This will allow you to modify the Tactics your Unit will use, right before the battle actually takes place!

Now, setting the right Tactics will depend on a case-by-case basis. Setting the right Tactics will depend on both your Unit’s and the enemy Unit’s formations.

Considering that there are at least 60 classes for you and your enemies to make Units with, every single combat engagement can be different. Not to mention the dozens of potential Tactics you can choose from…

Making use of Tactics is going to rely heavily on experimentation, just like building the right Unit.

However, you can experiment by setting Tactics based on the guidelines we laid out in the previous sections of this guide.

Pre-battle Preview after changing Tactics

Once you feel satisfied with your Tactics setup, leave the Organize menu to return to the battle preview.

Your new potential damage will be shown, and it should be much higher if you set some good Tactics!

Make good use of this Organize feature to do more damage with Tactics before you start any battle engagement and your life will be a lot easier in Unicorn Overlord.

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