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Unicorn Overlord: How to Level Up Quickly (EXP Farm)

Become the strongest fighter in seconds!




If you want to level up your characters quickly and farm EXP in Unicorn Overlord, you’ve come to the right place!

There’s one peculiar Auxiliary Stage that you can farm with extreme ease as soon as you start the game. Due to how it works, even low-level characters can use it to level up quickly!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to farm as much EXP as you want.

How to Level Up Quickly (EXP Farm)

The Battle of Lonteria start

The best XP farm so far in Unicorn Overlord is one that can be done the moment you finish the tutorial. To start it, first head over to “The Battle of Lonteria” in the southeastern corner of the Cornia map.

Strange marking that spawns Selvie

As soon as you spawn in the location, just continue further southeast to find a strange marking on the ground. Investigate it and Selvie will join your party, while also unlocking a new quest.

The Sigil’s Trial, Moderate I location

Now, head back to the World Map and go all the way north to find a new Auxiliary Stage called “The Sigil’s Trial, Moderate I”.

If you’re playing the demo, you can only do this Auxiliary Stage five times. This limitation isn’t imposed on you in the full game, though.

We also recommend that you temporarily change the difficulty to Story Mode when you are using this EXP farm method. It will increase your rewards and also make the process easier!

The EXP farm itself is pretty simple, though.

Completing “The Sigil’s Trial, Moderate I” Auxiliary Stage

The Sigil’s Trial, Moderate I start - Use the Catapult

As soon as the stage starts, place a Unit that has Alain on the Catapult near the start.

Alain's Royal Order

Then, use Alain’s “Royal Order” Valor Skill to buff your Unit’s EXP Gain. Make sure to use this Valor Skill whenever you have enough Valor Points.

Using the Catapult

With that done, you just need to start using the Catapult to shoot down all of the enemy Units you can. The Catapult does a flat amount of damage, so you don’t need to level up first to make use of it!

Do keep in mind that the shots take a bit to land, so you need to lead your targets.

Destroying the watchtowers with a secondary Unit

Additionally, send out a secondary Unit to destroy the watchtowers to the east and south of the stage.

Shooting the barricades with the Catapult

It’s also a good idea to shoot down the barricades in the middle part of the map with the Catapult, as it makes it easier for you to head south with Alain’s Unit.

Fighting the boss of The Sigil’s Trial, Moderate I

Once all the regular Units and barricades are done, move your Units toward the boss in the southern part of the map and finish him off as well.

If you’re not playing on Story Mode, make sure to set up some good Tactics to make the fight easier!

After killing the boss, you can just repeat this Auxiliary Stage to farm EXP and level up quickly.

How to Get Even More EXP in Unicorn Overlord

The Tormented Helm start

If you want even bigger gains, it’s recommended that you finish the quest to recruit Tatiana.

The quest is called “The Tormented Helm” and can be found in the northern part of the Cornia map. Completing it will unlock the Rookie Egg Accessory at the Armorer.

Rookie Egg accessory

It costs 10,000 G and will double the EXP Gain of whoever wears it, doubling the effectiveness of the EXP farm.

You might also want to equip your Unit members with Recruit’s weapons, which you can get from the Armorers whenever you want.

Recruit's equipment at an Armorer

These weapons will boost up the EXP Gain of their holder, too! However, you might want to refrain from using them if you’re adamant about trying the EXP farm on the highest difficulty.

Nonetheless, now you know everything you need to farm EXP and level up all of your characters quickly!

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