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Unicorn Overlord: How to Defeat Galerius

Smack the last boss in one turn or less




Unicorn Overlord Defeat Galerius

Strategy games like Unicorn Overlord are hard, and you must know how to defeat Galerius if you want to stand a chance against him. This isn’t the hardest boss in the game; however, one mistake will be fatal for all your units. In other words, one bad move will be an instant game-over, more or less.

If you plan ahead of time your tactics, which units you should use, and the items you need, your chances skyrocket.

Having the upper hand will make the battle much easier and can even land you some special achievements. Being the best in a game like this is something you could flex about later, and you don’t want to miss that chance.

Unicorn Overlord Defeat Galerius complete unit

How to Defeat Galerius in Unicorn Overlord?

There are a lot of possible strategies and unit combinations you could use, but there is one that is very effective. We suggest you try this one, and after you learn how to fight this enemy, you could try any other possible combinations:

Double Cleric, Sell-sword strategy

Before you make this unit, try to level up the characters until they reach level 10 or more. It’s key that your main cleric and your sell-sword are at that or above the level we mentioned.

You need to put your sell-sword at the front and the Gryphon Knight at the back, with both clerics. Your main cleric should be behind the sell-sword, the Gryphon Knight should be on the right, and the last cleric should be in the left space.

All of your characters should be well-equipped, and you could get most of the items they need very early in the game.

Your sell-sword should have the KingsBlade, while your Gryphon Knight must use the Crushing Axe. On the other hand, your main cleric has to use the Lyrical Wand. The support cleric doesn’t need any special equipment.

Unit combo and weapons for Galerius

You could replace the support cleric with a witch with flames or a thief equipped with Viperfang. This will make the fight faster, but you will lack the extra healing and buffs. If you choose to replace the cleric, you could win in fewer turns, but it’s a risky move if you don’t know how to plan your tactics accordingly.

Finally, the tactics are very simple. First, your main cleric needs to always heal your sell-sword to give him an extra AP.

Your secondary cleric needs to heal and use refresh to avoid the debuff Galerius does. Your Sell-sword, the backbone of this unit, should use heavy slash when there’s one unit left for extra damage. Finally, your Gryphon should always attack the back row to stun Galerius.

Unicorn Overlord Defeat Galerius tactics

Alternative Combinations

After one or two turns, you will win the battle. Easy-peasy, lemon squeazy. There are alternative units you could try, but they aren’t as effective as the one we recommend. For example, you could use Lex or Alain as your tank, replacing the sell-sword. Additionally, you could combine them with Rolf, Josef, and a cleric in the back row to just focus on damage.

No matter what you choose, after a few hours in the game, you could create your own special unit for this boss. It’s important that you learn about the best units and how the characters complement each other’s, so you can develop your own genius strategies.

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