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Best Team Composition in Unicorn Overlord

Get the best out of your heroes!




Understanding which is the best team composition in Unicorn Overlord can make a huge difference if you’re aiming to win.

Some units and characters have better synergy with each other, and together they can be very strong. Organizing your units in the most efficient way will guarantee that they survive without needing to expend resources in the process.

Knowing which ones are the best units and where to place them makes planning strategies easier.

Placement and organization are key factors, and you can only control them by learning more about each unit. Here, we will share the best formations and which main character you should use.

Which Is the Best Team Composition in Unicorn Overlord?

Which Is the Best Team Composition in Unicorn Overlord

Having the best team composition in Unicorn Overlord can help you go through any enemy formation in no time. Combining the units and assigning them a role will define your battles, making any possible battle much easier. The best combinations so far are:

Chain attack formation with Clive and some alternatives

Having multiple damage dealers, such as a Clive and a Chloe, together in the back line, while a warrior as a tank in the front, will always be good.

Clive boosts the movement and stamina of the team while dealing a lot of damage, which is very helpful. Both Clive’s ability and Chloe’s AOE chance can also turn a battle in your favor in no time.

Both Chloe and any warrior can heal themselves or other units, solving any possible healing problem. If you want to be even more safe in terms of healing, you could replace Chloe with any cleric, like Sharon. Try to equip them and plan ahead their tactics in order to focus the healing on Clive. You should only do this if you pick Sharon as your backliner.

Best team composition unicorn overlord clive team

Hodrick’s or Fran’s combo unit and alternatives

Managing Gryphon Knights can be challenging if you don’t know how to get the best out of them. There are two ways you could make this unit, one with a tank and a cleric, which can allow you to manage your gryphon better.

Or a team with a tank and a witch instead of a cleric. Having Hodrick in the front as a tank allows you to handle enemies while Fran can kill them easily.

Other alternatives can work better against more units, and you could buff your Gryphon Knight. If you replace your cleric with a wizard, you can deal magic damage and buff your characters.

The extra DPS and the AOE from the Gryphon make a killer team. The tank should always be on the front, while the Gryphon and the Wizard, or the Clerics, should always be on the back.

Josef’s Thief and Gladiator Unit

Josef’s Thief and Gladiator unit

Gladiators, such as Bruno, can heal themselves and do a lot of damage. If you accompany him with a tank and a practical unit, like Josef and Travis, you can obliterate any enemy unit in no time.

Travis can steal PP, do tons of critical hits, and can poison enemies. While you debuff the other team, Josef can heal and take damage, while Bruno does all the killing in the back. Both the tank and the thief should be in the front.

Triple damage Lex’s unit

The combinations of Lex, Rolf, and Aubin are very similar in terms of functionality to the ones with Clive.

They can kill a lot of units after you have already broken through them. While Rolf can support both Lext and Aubin, he can do extra damage with his bow. Meanwhile, Lex can tank, and Aubin can be the heavy hitter in the back, killing any unit that needs to be dealt with.

Lex's unit with double damage

Tank+Cleric+Wizard basic unit

As a final alternative for heavy damage and strategic pushing, you could go with a classic tank and both a wizard and a cleric.

In this case, Hodrick can be the perfect tank, and in the back, you should include Auch and Sharon. Auch can do a lot of damage to any unit, and Sharon can heal and support the team. Another set of bonuses is the debuff Sharon can use on the enemies.

Best team composition unicorn overlord tank wizard cleric combo

With all the teams we expose here, you should be able to either use them or plan your own strategies. You could use your favorite characters and make plans around their abilities accordingly once you understand the teams we share.

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