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Unicorn Overlord: Beginner’s Guide | Classes, Tactics, Teams and More.

A primer for future commanders!




Commanding an army into war in Unicorn Overlord is no easy task, but our beginner’s guide is sure to make things a tad easier for you!

We’ll talk about some of the most important things you should know about, such as how Classes and Tactics work. We’ll give you an edge in the early game!

Ready to get started? Read on and we’ll tell you everything you should know as a beginner in Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord: Beginner’s Guide

Understand the Classes & Make Teams

Unicorn Overlord Beginner's Guide - Classes and Units

Unicorn Overlord has at least 60 classes for you to pick from, each one with its unique strengths and weaknesses.

Each one of these can fit into up to three different categories, based on their unique features. These categories are as follows:

  • Infantry – The standard foot soldiers, such as Gladiators.
  • Cavalry – Mounted and grounded classes, like the Paladin.
  • Flying – Classes capable of flight, such as Valkyries.
  • Armored – Sturdy and bulky warriors, such as Hoplites.
  • Scout – Sneaky classes that prioritize mobility, like the Thieves.
  • Caster – Magic-focused classes, like the Witch.
  • Archer – Classes capable of using ranged weapons, such as the Hunters.
Unicorn Overlord combat

As said before, all classes in the game belong to up to 3 of each of these categories. This helps you somewhat understand at a glance what type of abilities they have, even if you don’t know the class yet!

However, each class has unique strengths and weaknesses that you will need to slowly learn as you play the game. Classes overall have a “rock, paper, scissors” type of strategy going on.

Example of a Hoplite quickly defeated by Icebolt, a magical attack

For example, the Hoplite is extremely resilient against physical attackers but is also extremely weak to magic. Conversely, magic classes are extremely weak to others, such as Radiant Knights.

Knowing what each class can do will be vital as you make your teams, known as Units. Generally speaking, you’ll need to use classes that counter the ones in the enemy’s Unit.

Feel free to check out our sister guide if you want an in-depth look at how to build a strong Unit!

It’s All About Tactics

Unicorn Overlord Beginner's Guide - Tactics

Unicorn Overlord has an extremely unique combat system where you don’t have direct control over units. At the same time, they don’t just simply attack each other like they would in, say, Fire Emblem.

No, instead, there’s a whole Tactics system where you basically “program” what the characters do whenever they engage enemy units.

This in-depth system allows you to set up to two conditions for each skill your characters have.

Example of a Heal Tactic

For example, you can set a character to only use their First Aid healing skill on whoever has the lowest HP in the unit. This way they won’t wrongly prioritize allies who have more health!

Setting the right Tactics will depend on a lot of things, including what your enemy Unit’s formation is.

Don’t feel bad if you find this system very overwhelming early on, but do try your best to understand it and adjust Tactics frequently.

Unicorn Overlord combat

If you want some extra help, we have a guide focused entirely on Tactics!

Either way, make sure to familiarize yourself with Tactics if you wish to succeed.

Recruit Characters

Unicorn Overlord Beginner's Guide - Recruit Characters

You can recruit two types of characters across your adventures in Unicorn Overlord.

The first will be the named unique characters. They all have a class assigned to them, and they include characters like the protagonist Alain, or his tutor Josef.

Most of them will join you by simply playing through the story, so you don’t have to go out of your way to amass an army!

Others, such as the angelic warrior Ochlys, will require you to complete certain side-quests.

Recruiting a Mercenary

In addition to these named characters, you can also recruit generic custom characters known as Mercenaries. You can recruit them by choosing to Hire them at any Fort you command.

Each Fort will have at least three Mercenaries available, and their classes are always set in stone. For example, if you find a Soldier for hire at a Fort, that character will always be a Soldier.

Customizing a Mercenary

You can’t change their class at all when hiring, though you can change their looks and Growth Type.

Despite the limitations, though, you can hire up to 64 different Mercenaries. Make sure to recruit as many as you need to bolster your Units!

Make Sure to Explore!

Unicorn Overlord Beginner's Guide - Exploration

Our last point is going to be a simple one: as a beginner, you should make sure to explore.

While a lot of the game time in Unicorn Overlord is spent engaging in epic battles, there are also a lot of secrets and items to find in the world.

Sometimes your exploration will award you with simple items, such as Materials you can use at your base. Other times, you might end up meeting new characters and unlocking quests.

The player found a new quest by exploring

Speaking of quests, do every Side Quest you possibly can!

Quests are extremely rewarding in this game, as they can unlock powerful new equipment and allies. Some quests can even lead you to fantastic EXP farms.

In short, make sure that you explore every nook and cranny in the game’s world so that you don’t miss out on any helpful characters and items.

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