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Unicorn Overlord: How to Unlock the Secret Shop

Talk to the Old Man and unlock the Black Market Dealer.




The world of Unicorn Overlord is full of secrets and various things to do. One of the more interesting ones is the secret Black Market you can unlock. This requires a few different activities to be completed first, and it’s not clear how best to do those. 

To be able to talk to the Old Man, you have to first liberate the area. This requires you to beat some fights, and we’ll help you with which fights to choose. 

How to Unlock the Secret Shop

To unlock the Secret Shop, you have to talk to the Old Man. He can be found towards the west of the Map, past the forest. Talking to him isn’t enough though, as first you have to liberate most of the map before he actually unlocks the shop for you.

Old Man in Unicorn Overlord

There are a lot of areas you could choose to liberate, but we can’t just choose any. The demo imposes a limit of 7 playable hours, so it’s best to choose areas which are the easiest to liberate. They are listed below:

  • The Self-Effacing Sorcerer – Enemy Level 5
  • A Solitary Resistance – Enemy Level 3 
  • As The Tricorns Ride – Enemy Level 4
  • The Winged Knight – Enemy Level 4
  • The Ravaged Swamp – Enemy Level 5 
  • The Battle for Barbatimo – Enemy Level 5
  • The Battle for Paradis – Enemy Level 5 
  • Province of Famine – Enemy Level 6
  • The Mercenary’s Trial – Enemy Level 6 
  • The Battle for Lonteria – Enemy Level 7
  • Uprooting the Rock Rats – Enemy Level 7
  • The Battle for Lisiere – Enemy Level 6
  • The Battle for Elzecouvre – Enemy Level 10
Liberating Bosses in Unicorn Overlord

This is a lot of locations to have to liberate in such a short amount of time, but we have some tips to hopefully make it easier. To start out with, choosing an easier difficulty instead of the hardest Expert one will make this whole process a lot faster. 

You should start out every match by placing at least two units down to guard your base. This ensures that you’re able to come out of the battle without suffering too much damage yourself. You should send out a Griffin directly to the area’s boss, making it an easier fight overall.

To back up your main character, you need a Support team. Make the captain of the Support team an Archer or a Witch, and you should have all the backup you need. You can make use of Knights if you need extra attacking power and you’ll most probably need one when the boss has a Griffin guard. 

Knight Combat in Unicorn Overlord

Once done, go back to the Old Man and talk to him to unlock the Secret Black Market. He sells a lot of really good items, so be sure to stock up on currency. Keep in mind, you can only access the shop at night, so plan accordingly. 

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