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V Rising: Cursed Forest Farming Guide | How to Get the Most Out of it

Despite being a dangerous place in V Rising, the Cursed Forest is the ultimate farming area because of the many resources it offers.




A wide variety of materials, resources, and items are available at V Rising. Some can be crafted, while others need to be farmed.

These supplies are critical for progressing farther in the game as a weakened Vampire who has awoken from a deep rest. One of the best farming areas is the Cursed Forest.

Cursed Forest Farming Guide in V Rising

On the other side of the Farmlands, things can go deadly since the area is full of powerful witches and undead that can murder any unprepared vampire.

This area is called the Cursed Forest. However, the resources here are worth it despite the danger it brings. This article will talk about what resources can be farmed in the Cursed Woods and which area is best.

Ultimate Farming Guide

The Cursed Forest is a perilous place that requires you to be at least level 55 and above.

If you think you’re powerful enough to take on this area, or you simply want valuable loot, here are the resources you can find in the Cursed Woods:

  • Pristine Hides: These are best farmed in the southern area marked on the map below.
  • Scales and Silkworms: These two resources are abundant in the Spider Cave, where you can kill many monsters who drop these items.
  • Spectral Dust and Ghost Yarn: The Ancient Village on the left of the region, shown below, is your best bet when it comes to the Spectral Dust and Ghost Yarn.
  • Ghost Shrooms and Ghost Crystals: Although you may find these materials in the entire region, the Lurker Dwelling and the Ancient Village at the lower east side marked below are the best areas to farm for these resources.

Schematics: The Schematics are best farmed in both Ancient Villages found left and right of the region that was previously marked above.

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