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V Rising: Best Dashes for PvP

V rising is a game that lets the player be as expressive as modern multi-player survival games allow with various in-game features like dashes.




Stunlock Studios have created an immersive action, adventure game. The vampiric players are given abilities and tools and allowed to grow and improve their characters and their gameplay.

Best Dashes for PvP – V Rising

In V Rising there are several ways to move around and defeat or avoid bosses, and other players and perform tasks. Some of these abilities are popularly referred to as dashes or travel Abilities. Below are the best dashes V Rising has to offer for Player versus Player gameplay.

Chaos Dash

This allows the player to dash in the desired direction while dodging the enemy for 2.2 seconds. While granting the next major attack a 23% bonus damage.

Veil of Blood

The player can dash in the direction they want, dodge enemies and deal the same damage boost as Chaos, and also grant an additional 5% healing boost to the player. While it is not the best it is still useful at times to players in a tight spot.

Veil of Bones

Same as the above travel abilities the player can dash towards enemies for 2.2 seconds based on direction, but they can also strike with an aimed magic attack that affects the enemy by 25% for 5 seconds.

Veil of Illusion

This dash deals a 25% bonus damage and creates an illusion that throws AI-controlled attacks with 40% damage. the attack also allows the player to return to its original position, allowing better attack options.

Veil of Chaos

This attack has the same cast time and next attack damage output of 25% and can be recast by the player to create an illusion and reappear at their last position, and letting the illusion deal damage by exploding.   

Veil of Frost

This attack has the same abilities as the Chaos Dash but allows the player to always conjure a shield themselves at 125% of their magical power. It also creates a Nova of frost illusion that explodes, dealing 50% damage to enemies.

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