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V Rising: How to Get Highland Lotus Seeds

Highland Lotus Flowers are an important resource you’ll need for crafting high-tier armors. The only problem is that farming them can be tedious. Luckily, you can have a virtually unlimited supply by planting Highland Lotus Seeds instead.




As mentioned, you’ll need plenty of Highland Lotus Flowers in V Rising if you want to craft high-tier armor. However, you can’t easily find them across the map.

To farm this resource, you have to head over to Silverlight Hills and pluck the small bushes that are located close to the harpy nests in the area.

This can prove to be a tedious process, especially since the flowers are considered a resource. In other words, you can’t bring them with you via the waygates.

Fortunately, there’s one way to have an unlimited supply of Highland Lotus Flowers, and that’s by planting them via their seeds. In this guide, I’ll show you how you can get a handful of Highland Lotus Seeds to farm inside your castle.

How to Get Highland Lotus Seeds in V Rising

The seeds can be purchased from Ottar the Merchant who is inside a house in the Bright Haven Slums. He will sell the seeds for 200 Silver each. This means you have to carry enough silver with you to buy as many seeds as you want.

There is no limit to the number of seeds you can buy from Ottar. So, the more silver you bring, the more seeds you can buy. This, in turn, lets you have a seemingly infinite supply of Highland Lotus Flowers.

Once you get back to your castle, you’ll want to plant the seeds in your garden. If you don’t have a garden yet, then now is the time to make one. This is quite important as it lets you plant a variety of seeds that will provide a variety of materials.

After planting the seeds and waiting for them to grow, you can then harvest the fully grown plants to obtain Highland Lotus Flowers. It’s best to use a weapon that deals more damage to vegetation, either a slasher or a sword. Also, don’t forget to plant your remaining seeds so they’ll eventually grow into flowers.

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