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V Rising: Legendary Item Location Guide | How to Get the Blood Key

The V Rising has only had one legendary item: the Blood Key. It’s a Gear Level 27 piece of jewelry, the highest in the V Rising.




The blood key works together with the blood altar. When you interact with the Blood Altar, you’ll be able to see which bosses are available and monitor their locations, making it easier to locate them.

For example, if you wanted to discover the Alpha Wolf boss, you might use the Blood Altar to track it down and go to its location within the realm.

Legendary Item Location Guide/How to Get the Blood Key-  V Rising

The blood Key is the most legendary item in the V Rising game and proves your dominance. It is mainly used to track down bosses. This guide will show you how to obtain the Blood Key in V Rising and the formula for constructing it.

Defeat the Most Powerful

You must finish the presently available game’s final task to obtain the Blood Key. Solarus the Immaculate, the game’s most powerful boss, must be defeated in this mission.

Unfortunately, he’s a level 80 boss who’ll be extremely difficult to defeat. This boss can be found inside a temple in the Silverlight Hills’ east. It wields a massive sword capable of dealing massive damage.

Take All His Blood

After defeating that boss, you must swallow his blood to obtain the Blood key crafting recipe. The only method to gain the Blood key in V Rising is to craft it, and the crafting requirements are 300 Gem Dust, 21 Dark Silver Ingot, 6 Gold Ingot, and 3 Primal Blood Essence. The combination of these requirements would craft the blood key

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