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V Rising: Tips and Tricks | Ultimate Solo Guide

Starting out in V Rising, players will need to gather some crafting materials to aid them in their goal to become the best bloodsucker in the game.




At the same time, the playable vampire is compelled to hide from the sun and avoid garlic for fear of disintegration. You are required to escape from the vampires, and in doing this, you need some tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks/Ultimate Solo Guide- V Rising

We provide you with all the keys to surviving solo on V Rising, gameplay, and farm optimization with a new batch of suggestions that should establish the tone and clarify some basic objectives.

Learn the Warning Signs of Sunlight

Sunlight exposure is the most common cause of death in V Rising. In this game, sunlight is deadly, so you need to self-protect yourself by staying under the shadow during the day. Before you step away from your keyboard, be very careful and avoid jumping into the sun.

The sun causes damage, but it also indicates when danger is nearby, giving some signs, which include:

  • Shining of a ray of light from the sky.
  • Growing of the screen over time.
  • There is also a sound effect that comes out and grows over time.

Use the Right Equipment For the Job

The leading equipment in V Rising is Gear. It increases your Gear score, but you can also use it to determine the types of attacks to use on enemies.

Increasing your Gear score affects how difficult or easy you may find dealing with the enemies. Other tools and their uses include an axe for cutting down trees for wood and a sword for cutting down vegetation.

Use Different Blood Types to Your Advantage

Before going on any adventure, you must realize that feeding on your enemy will change your blood type and add more qualities to the enemy to you.

For instance, feeding on a worker class enemy will give you better mining and gathering yields. Providing on a creature class enemy will boost your speed movement and sunlight resistance.

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