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V Rising: How to Get Iron Ingot Recipe | Iron Location Guide

Many video games demand the players forge their weapons and V Rising is not an exception, this made possible with the metals.




V Rising makes these metals available to all the players, and it’ll only be a matter of time until they’re building merciless Iron armor and farming silver for other purposes.

However, players will need to take extra caution when handling some of these metals, as carrying them can harm the vampire.

How to Get Iron Ingot Recipe | Iron Location Guide- V Rising

Iron is an important mid-game resource for both personal equip and castle construction, but it’s shockingly rare compared to other elements like copper, and it must be gathered in its Ore form before being converted into Ingots.

You’ll need it in either case if you want to increase your power as the best night time survivalist.

How to Get Iron Ingot Recipe

To get to this standard but instrumental metal, you need to defeat the map boss Quincey the Bandit King, a Level 37 boss who Quincey the bandit king can be tracked through the Blood Altar.

V rising players also receive Iron Weapon recipes and the opportunity to build a Smithy in their castles which are then used to form Iron Ingots into Iron equipment, making it a crucial element of the entire process. Players should note not attempting the map without leveling up their avatar.

Iron Location

The iron ore needs to be mined before turning it into anything useful. The iron ore deposits are more easily collected in V Rising from the Haunted Iron Mine in the South/Central Dunley Farmlands. However, ore veins may be found sporadically across the Farmlands and in select regions on the East side of the Cursed Forest.

First, however, we recommend heading for the Iron Mine (seen on the map above). Once you’ve arrived in this location, you can mine Iron Ore from rocks or get it as a rare drop from chests and foes. Of course, if you employ a Merciless Copper weapon of any type, you can only mine Iron Ore from rocks.

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