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V Rising: Best End Game Loot Locations Guide

V Rising is a survival crafting game that puts players in the shoes of a vampire looking to rebuild a lost empire.




In this game, you awaken as a weakened Vampire after centuries of slumber, and to recover your strength, look for blood in adjacent settlements while hiding from the hot sun.

You can hunt single or with pals in a wide-open world as you pillage villages, assault bandit camps, and travel across the realms of mystical monsters.

Best End Game Loot Locations Guide- V Rising

V Rising is a survival game at its core, so it’s only natural to farm as many materials and resources as possible to progress further. However, there are specific locations that are best for planting them.

Once you’ve reached the endgame in V Rising, your main priority will be to make your character as strong as possible. And in that case, you’ll want to farm as many materials as possible to craft and upgrade a lot of stuff. This guide will show you a location we recommend for you to farm loots efficiently.

Silverlight Hills Waygate

This region, located in the extreme west of the map, is brimming with rich metals. To get to this area, you want to head over to Silverlight Hills and look for the Vampire Waypoint. Follow the road, and then go to the left portion of the map.

Once you arrive at the gates, take the hole on the wall instead of passing through. As you break through the wall, hug the back wall and make your way toward the dock. If you farm this location for hours, you should be able to bring with you tons of loots.

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